You & I by One Direction

You & I by One Direction
Directed by Ben Winston

i adore the concept for this video and it work well with the music, it’s captivating, i couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and i was in awe and shocked when Niall morphed into Liam, so i had to keep watching just to see the different ways they would do this with each band member, i also think it was a smart move having them all in the same outfit during the morphing scenes. i loved the end of the video which had all of them, with moving and still imagery moving and merging together to create a very interesting effect.

there has been some controversy over the technique, which you can read here:

but i don’t see plagiarism here i see a homage and using a technique you have seen isn’t plagiarism in my eyes, I’ve been inspired by Susan Hiller and other photographer’s who have used levitation and i tried the technique out for myself, but i wouldn’t say that was plagiarism, i would call that being inspired, and you should be flattered when someone wants to create something like what you have done.

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