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CCW: A Great Guest And A Hot Mess

Alex Makes A Mistake

Alex Chamberlain, the bumptious CCW wrestling gent, has offered an Open Challenge. It’s been running for a while now and it bigs him up whilst challenging him too – Chamberlain is a quality wrestler.

Now, when you offer an Open Challenge, you have to weigh it up…

Do I offer it tonight?

Who is in the locker room?

Nobody who frightens me, he or she won’t come out, they have a match with that one.

Seems fine!

You’re missing something…it isn’t just the locker room who are involved here. It’s open ended. You didn’t say ‘Open to those in CCW’. You can’t even say ‘anyone in the back’.

Why? Someone could come from outside CCW to challenge you. And so…

Woods gets the ankle in CCW
Creidt; CCW

Josh Woods Is Here!

Yes, Josh ‘The Goods’ Woods, former ROH Pure champ and brilliant grappler with a tough side. Great guest for CCW.

Not sure Chamberlain thought that. He knew what to watch out for though, bailing when Woods went anywhere near his ankle. And then something odd happened.

Chamberlain took control. A Slam on the apron, a running Clothesline, then a well-executed Surfboard, during which he tucked his head so his shoulders wouldn’t be on the mat, and a Headbutt onto Woods’ back – you don’t often see that!

Chamberlain Superplex
Credit; CCW

But Woods can catch you from anywhere, so when Chamberlain went for a legdrop, he caught the leg and hit the Ankle Lock.
But Chamberlain came back, a sort of Spinethrow rather than Spinebuster (they were rather sweaty by this time) and sweet Superplex for a very long 2 count making it look as though he was about to take this home.

And he miscalculated.

You don’t trade covers with Woods. That’s where one of his many strengths lies. And especially don’t trade headlocks and body scissors, Woods’ mat work is superlative.

And indeed Woods rolled up the legs from a scissors and quickly got the pin. Chamberlain was shocked, but why? He had the match as he wanted it, then played right into Woods’ game.

Great match though.

Stevens Flies!
Credit; CCW

That Hot Mess? Here It Is

No 1 contender. Fatal 4-way. Ariel Levy, Agony, Jackal Stevens, TC Read.

Levy couldn’t keep his counsel, all of them ejecting him from the ring. Read and Stevens are mates, so working together on Agony seemed the best strategy, but he still put them both down with a shoulder block.

This will need something more. Ah, a Read Bulldog into Stevens’ knee, that did it. And when Levy finally pulled himself up to the apron again, Read collides with him and he was back on the floor again.

They all joined him on the floor, all except Stevens who was soon there too, courtesy of a lovely cannonball off the top tier.

When Levy made it into the ring, he went to the eyes of course but soon tasted a Read tilt a whirl Backbreaker, but was soon back uo and at ’em with a flying Neckbreaker which looked lovely.

What probably didn’t feel lovely for Levy was being bitten in the forehead by Stevens and launched across the ring with 2 others by Agony – that Tower Of Doom just flew.

Tower Of Doom
Credit; CCW

Read and Stevens put themselves out of it when Stevens went over the top and pulled Read over by his hair – get off my follicles!

And then Tallow entered, the 7 footer making a beeline for Agony. Why? Even commentary accepted they had no beef. Was he making a statement? I had concerns about no DQ being called but Ariel reached out to let me know that in CCW there are no DQs in multi-person matches; thanks, Ariel!

And Ariel can thank Tallow for the Choke Slam which allowed him the pin; he looked around in surprise and checked no one else was coming in – great work.

Levy the No1 Contender?

Yep, for Cha Cha Charlie’s Heavyweight belt. And I reckon Charlie would have a good match with all those in the match, would probably wince at the thought of facing Agony but Levy?

He may be concerned about him most of all. You see, Levy is talented, sneaky and will d

o what it takes to win. Never bet against him.

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