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CANCELLED: Jake Paul v Hasim Rahman Jr Won’t Wait Over Weight

The Skinny: Jake Paul Made Weight But Rahman Jr Didn’t

Rahman Jr wasn’t. Not enough for this fight, anyway. That’s what Jake Paul and his camp have said.

Rahman Jr and his team had agreed on a limit of 200lbs, but he was 217lbs on July 7. There were assurances that he would make weight by the August 6th fight date, both private and public.

Jake Paul
Credit; The New Yorker

Two weeks ago it appeared he would miss that target. By 16lbs. That’s a lot and to lose 1lb when you’re trying to cut it raises questions.

That’s not all though. The New York Athletic Commission agreed to a new weight. 205lbs. Jake Paul agreed. Something to aim for. But when they saw the new contract, with associated weight penalties, the Rahman Jr camp stated their intention that their man would weigh 215lbs.

There ain’t much coming back from that, is there?

This is according to DAZN, who have a right to report on it, the BBC saying;

‘However Paul’s promotional team say Rahman has failed to make an agreed fight weight.’

An Alternative Theory

UFC Supremo Dana White, speaking in the Daily Mail, suggested that financial issues played a hand;

‘I think they sold under $1million in tickets and it costs $500,000 to turn the f***ing lights on at MSG.’

Now, Jake and Dana have crossed swords before, but there have been issues with this event. Tommy Fury his intended opponent, had issues with a visa to get to the States.

To lose one opponent is a problem, to lose two…

Is This A Change In Views?

Whilst brother Logan was apparently doing well against The Miz at SummerSlam for the WWE, Jake, seemed to be riding high as an attention grabber, seat seller and more than a boxing wannabe.

If the ticket issue is correct, which of course it may not be, there are more questions.

Simple ones;

Is Jake Paul losing his appeal?  Or is this a boxing issue?  The YouTuber with a myriad of followers surely isn’t on a downward fan spiral – this may be about his love of boxing, wish to become a better boxer and promotion of boxing.

Too much boxing, not enough of the stuff that brought him to social media dominance – whatever that is. Was the boxing too serious? Or is boxing just not popular enough?

Rahman Jr’s camp has of course thrown the blame on Jake Paul’s camp;

Isn’t This An Exhibition?

Nope, it’s part of Jake Paul’s professional career. And a big step up, because this is a proper boxer; this is no MMA star turned boxer, as Tyrone Woodley was. But there remains the feeling that this just doesn’t matter, it has no meaning, it’s not about boxing, it’s about personality.

Credit; Talksport

And that gap would have been filled somewhat by Fury, with his familial link to big-selling, big personalities brother Tyson. But Rahman Jr? He’s a proper boxer and as much as Paul would like it to be a boxing competition, this is just another entertainment.

Paul referred to Fury and Rahman Jr in the Mirror;

‘Between him and Tommy they have cost me and my partners millions and millions of dollars.’

But it isn’t just about him. There were other boxers in that card, including Amanda Serrano – she has been hardly mentioned.

Paul has moved on, keeping the publicity wheels greased, offering Katie Taylor $2 million to drop 2 divisions and fight Serrano again.

Rahman Jr couldn’t do it. Not close. But has it hurt his career? Probably not, because this isn’t a real boxing match, is it? Perhaps we prefer Jake Paul as a promoter…

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