The OnlyFans Series

The OnlyFans Series: Kat/babypeachhead

This is the first in yet another of my crazy idea series of articles.  This one is focusing on Onlyfans models.  I’m tired of hearing people say “Sex work isn’t work.  OnlyFans isn’t work.  You just get naked, snap some pics, do a video, and that’s all.”  There’s a LOT more involved in this than I think people realize.  The emotional toll, the rude comments, the breaking point some of these people may have reached. 

They are people too, and this is a legitimate job.  On average, a model can earn about $180 a month.  That’s the “Average” earnings.  But some people hit it big, raking in millions.  None of these people I interviewed are near that mark, but it’s a solid income source for them anyways.

Before we really start, let me just say that I was not compensated in the slightest for this.  All the interviews were my idea, I never asked any of the people we will talk to for anything in return, because I know someone was going to say that I did.  At no time have I asked for photos that aren’t public, or anything paywalled.  These creators did this on their own, and I did have a few turn me down.  

What Is OnlyFans?

For those unfamiliar, or maybe you live under a rock, Onlyfans is a website that was created back in 2016.  People can pay for content, and it varies greatly for everyone.  Some models charge a base fee, like UhhXena who we will interview later, and no paywalls.  Others will charge a subscription fee, and then more “Adult” content behind a paywall.  It’s up to the creator how they set up their website.  Some, like StewpidSenpai, don’t charge at all for their page but will charge for more lewd content, without ever getting nude.

But Onlyfans wasn’t always pornography.  When it started, it once had a varied amount of content.  I used to pay $10 for a cooking show back in 2018 that released high-end recipes on their site.  Stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere on the internet.  You can also find personal trainers for fitness, artists, etc.  There actually is more to the site than adult content, but that’s all you really hear about lately as most other places have left the platform for other places by their own choice.  But as each interview goes up, we’ll talk more about the website and the impact it has today. 

For now, we’re going to get into the first in the series, Kat, aka @babypeachhead.  As with all my content, a link to all her socials will be at the end of the article. Kat has 5 questions for a streamer for me, which will be up later on as well.

Kat aka babypeachhead

I first met Kat on Twitter, where a post caught my eye of her overlooking a city below on a bridge, with a city in the background.  You can find it on her Twitter from April 12.  It was such a well-done photo, and I’m big into photography, so I followed and stuck around.  She started posting pictures from her OnlyFans, and after a while, I started thinking of doing this series.  What surprised me was how much work goes into a single shoot.  I knew it was a lot of hours, but the result might actually surprise you.  So, here’s my chat with Kat.  All photos included in this article are Kat’s and used with her permission.

image 5

What made you decide to start doing content?

I never saw myself working a “normal job”, I was working at Amazon at the time and hated the idea of being a customer service slave for the rest of my life. I was in college as well and struggled immensely with the learning style. I found out about OnlyFans and started immediately. It was extremely liberating and lucrative and I am so glad I found it when I did.

Did you start on OF and then change to Twitch or vice versa?

I started on OnlyFans so I could afford my pc and stream setup. I never made a lot of money, I come from a lower middle-class income family, so being able to pay for everything my setup is made of from OnlyFans has been really cool. Streaming on Twitch is my dream and doing Let’s Play content is my favourite.

Do you get a lot of crossover from your other sites? As in does your IG crowd come to OF, or Twitch, or Twitch to Insta or OF?

I would say there’s a little bit of crossover. Both my Twitch and my OnlyFans crowd respect me immensely and I take great pride in that. I always keep it 100 with my followers/support in an effort for them to treat me the same. I find that if you take time to understand your supporters and show them respect they will treat you the same. If all you’re looking for is a quick bag off of them and you don’t truly respect them, I believe they turn on you at some point.


Has anyone ever stepped over that line and made you uncomfortable in asking for more content that you’re comfortable with?

When I started OnlyFans 3 or so years ago, I actually did solo porn for a bit so nothing really makes me uncomfortable. Obviously, it takes a bit to get used to the idea that you’re creating pornographic content and people are watching it, always wanting more but I can’t say it makes me uncomfortable. I love giving people what they want.

Can you tell the readers about a time that made you step back and think “Wow I don’t know if I want to do this” because of someone?

I definitely had this thought a few times, mainly during periods of my own insecurity not really because of someone or something. I feel like all people experience insecurity no matter who you are and I am definitely no exception. I have days where I just cannot create content no matter what I do, and that’s okay. I allow myself to have those days because if I don’t I would definitely end up hating it.

OF creators take a lot of shit from people who don’t think what you do is actual work. But I know from being an amateur photographer of nature/urban decay, it takes a lot of work to plan shots. How long would you say a shoot takes you, from planning to posting?

A shoot for me takes 1.5 hours for makeup and hair, then around 4/5 hours or so to get a good amount of content for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. From there it takes hours to go through all the photos and videos I’ve taken and edit and upload everything to their respective platforms.

I know from talking to a friend who does OnlyFans, that a lot of people expect “more”, even when you put your foot down and say no.  How do you handle requests like that?

I do nudes and solo porn so I think what I post is enough sexual content for the majority of people. However, people can be greedy and beg for more or cheaper content, and to that, my answer will always be the price is what I’m comfortable with, and the same with the content.

Do you do all your photos yourself or do you have help?

Yes. I do all my photos myself save for maybe 2 photo shoots I’ve done in the past. I get camera-shy when I’m not in control of the camera.


What kind of a toll does it take on you in a typical week, between your spicy content, your real-life job, and your streaming?

It’s taken a long time for me to get used to the scheduling and responsibilities associated with essentially being my own boss. I’ve put a lot of work into scheduling every detail of my everyday life so that I can make the most of my time. I try to stream 3-4 days a week on Twitch, 2 on OnlyFans, and take content in between. It can be overwhelming and hard to focus especially when my “job” is on my phone where it is very easy to get distracted.

So basically, it takes her an entire day, about 8 hours, to do a single shoot.  That’s a full workday.  I’d definitely say to the haters, this is a full-time job.  Kat puts a lot of work into it, and she’s also an artist as well!  Make sure to check her out, all her socials are:

You can subscribe to her OnlyFans which currently as of 5/12/2023 is $7.99/month

The rest of her socials can be found on her website:

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