TikTok: Hannah’s Duetting Journey

A slight change in the normal.  Though I suppose my writings really don’t have a “normal”, more of a whatever I feel like writing kind of vibe.  This time I’ll be talking to a tiktoker who tries to get people to duet a dance with her.  So far she’s gotten Valkyrae to do it with her. 

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I found her after trying to exit TikTok when they suck you in like “HEY WAIT check this out!” and I saw her on day 100ish trying to get Valkyrae to duet with her.  I was interested in her commitment to doing this, so I followed along on the journey.  On day 116, she responded and dueted the dance.  The video as of right now has amassed 111k views, and I believe is her second most viewed video, with a pinned video responding, sort of, to the duet sitting at 187k. 

But now the new challenge.  Fuslie.  As of this day of writing this, 6/16/2023, it’s been 233 days of radio silence.  Being a decently long-time follower of Hannah, I couldn’t let this go unnoticed.  She has spent, again as of today, 349 days doing this.  Two weeks, two days short of a year.  She’s never missed a day, having her sister fill in when she was sick, but even then being in the background, and her dedication is amazing. 

Hopefully, Fuslie, you see this, and you duet this poor girl.  She deserves it!  So onto the interview with Hannah, aka @darkshotclouds on tiktok!

So how did you get the idea to start trying to get bigger named tik tok people to do duets with you?

I knew from day one that I wanted to stream or at least start posting some sort of content. I had been watching Valkyrae since before covid started to keep up with all of her stuff until now. She really inspired me to keep dreaming and so I thought about starting a dance chain just to challenge myself in the moment.

I had no expectations of her duetting. This was purely so that I could see how committed I could be to follow my dream of becoming an influencer. Soon I started to build a community and this slowly resulted in people asking if I was going to continue after she duetted. I had no issue with doing the dances then so I told everyone that once/if she did a duet, I would continue.

What kind of content did you do before that?

I’ve been on tiktok since I was 14. There are a lot of things that I’ve done in the past. What I used to do was challenge videos. Musically was very different from how tiktok is now so I followed trends for years. I soon decided to delete tik tok after my depression got out of whack. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if anyone would even remember me if I even got back on there. I had really given up all hope of recovery and I felt I was beyond saving from my mental state until my mom noticed that I wasn’t doing well.

She helped me get some counselling and eventually, I got back on tiktok and continued doing trends. About a couple weeks later, I deleted my stuff again and started to create anime skits and cosplay but that made my mental state even worse. I felt as though I had to be perfect and this really wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Sure, I was getting views but this whole thing was slowly becoming my personality. I started over again but this time I didn’t get back on tiktok for weeks until the idea of getting Valkyrae to duet me finally sprung into action.


It took around 4 months to get Valkyrae to duet you.  How did it feel to finally login and see that notification?

That night was absolutely insane. I actually had just gotten off of a discord call with my friends because I was honestly tired and needing a break. My phone started going off like no tomorrow which was normal at the time so I ignored it until I had noticed that it hadn’t stopped. My sister was in the room at the time and she was about to leave before I checked my phone with all of these comments saying “SHE DID IT” or “SHE DUETTED THE TIKTOK.” I leapt out of my chair, practically screaming at my sister that she duetted, finding the notification in my tiktok feed. My sister started recording my reaction.

My hands were shaking so bad and I legitimately almost cried. Pretty typical reaction to your idol interacting with your stuff if I do say so myself. This situation gave me so much momentum for the next person. I felt as though I was unstoppable. I had many different influencers in my comments congratulating me including HannahKate who was still waiting for Ranboo to duet with them at the time. This was probably the most amazing thing that had happened to me that whole year.

You’ve done this every single day for just short of a year now.  Hard to believe that as of the publication, it’ll be 349  days. That’s 16 days short of one full year.   You haven’t missed a single day, even cameo’s when you were sick.  Have you ever been towards the end of the day and been like “I really don’t want to do this” or “Why am I doing this?”

I question if I still want to do this all the time. Honestly, lately, I’ve had almost no motivation to do this. The only thing that’s been keeping me going for so long is my fans. I’ve gotten so many comments from people from all across the world saying that they look forward to seeing my smiling face every day.

I think that is the biggest compliment that I could ever receive in my entire career. When you know someone appreciates the little things you do each day, that helps build your motivation drastically. I never want to stop doing this but I would be lying if I said that I never wanted to stop doing this. 

Hi, I’m one of those fans.  I absolutely love seeing these every single day!  But, what kind of a toll does it take on you to get up every day and plan to do this?

Actually, there’s not really a toll at all! Well, I guess there was at first. I had no motivation whatsoever when I first started. The fact that people started following me when I started doing this was only the beginning of my upcoming motivation to start posting six or seven times a day. I had nothing better to do with my life around day sixty so I posted as much as I could until my discord server was invented. The videos decreased after that because I wanted to spend as much time as I possibly could with my fans who basically became some of my closest friends.

By now you have this down pretty good, I imagine it’s a quick single take.  But from start to finish, what does it take to film a session?

Through days one to thirty, it would at least take me six to seven tries… maybe more some days. I was really insecure when I started tik tok so everything had to be perfect whether it took me thirty tries or just one.

How do you pick the song for that particular person?  Was it just a trending song at the time, or something you liked?

To be completely honest, I literally have no method for picking which song I use! I picked a trendy dance at the time when Valkyrae started and I did the same thing for Fuslie. I picked a song that was slightly catchy and that I knew I would probably get tired of. I had no reason at all!

So how about the dances?  Two people, two songs, two different dances.  Do you make the dances up yourself or are you influenced by someone you might see online?

Towards the beginning of both Valkyrae and Fuslie, I did these dances that were done by other people. I don’t dance fun fact. I can copy people pretty well though. At first, I did the Valkyrae dance like it was recorded and then I slowly started to add my own twist to it. Not sure if that means that it’s “my dance” per say but it’s good enough for me!

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One thing I absolutely love is sometimes we’ll see a family cameo, recently your dad ran by during a dance and you had a very confused look!  Recently I requested a full family cameo and you delivered on day 205!  Are they very supportive of you?

Sometimes my family will run by randomly. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest yet sometimes takes me off guard. My parents are very supportive and seem to genuinely love my content which I’m very thankful for. I grew up in a loving home with amazing parents who support me regardless of what I do.

Do you have a list of who you want to try to get to duet you after this?

I have no clue who I’m going to pursue next. I pick who I feel like picking at the moment with a little help from my fans. I’ve seriously been considering attempting to get bigger creators like Dream or even MrBeast to duet me. Granted, I’m a small creator but that won’t stop me from trying my hardest to capture the attention of these people and eventually reach my goal!

Thanks for your time Hannah, I appreciate you doing this!  If anyone reading this could tag Fuslie and help Hannah get the duet she’s been trying to get, that would be fantastic!  I look forward to day 233, today, and beyond, and whoever you pick to duet.  But I most look forward to that day when you finally get Fuslie to duet you!

Hannah can be found on tik tok at https://www.tiktok.com/@darkshotclouds where you can follow her amazing journey, and hear her sing as well on her tik tok!  Highly recommend following her!

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