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A Storm is Coming: Top 3 matches of Jade Cargill

A Storm Arrived……

The Era of Dominance of Jade Cargill is seemingly over, with speculation that her TBS Title match on this past week of Rampage vs. Champion, Kris Statlander, was her last with the company.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Jade Cargill. From the moment that she debuted, interrupting Cody Rhodes on Dynamite, I was hooked and could see absolute star power and immediate money. 

I wanted to to write this piece and make it very difficult for myself by breaking down my top 3 (yes only 3) Jade Cargill matches with AEW. 

It hasn’t been easy by any means, so here it is.

#3. Vs. Marina Shafir (Rampage)


On the April 22 2022 episode of Rampage, Jade Cargill defended the TBS title against Marina Shafir in a very well-put-together contest. The build to this match was also a lot of fun, with a legitimate threat to Jade’s title and winning streak. Jade was looking to make it 30-0 on this night. Cargill has always looked powerful and cocky throughout and the end result was never really in doubt. At times it was not always the cleanest of matches with a few manoeuvres just missing the mark but as each week passed, Jade’s work improved confidently Jade picked up the win and did in fact increase her streak to 30-0.

#2. Vs Anna Jay (Rampage)

jade cargill 2

Yet another main event spot for two Women with little experience. These two showed up and showed out big time. A very exciting back-and-forth main event had me believing that Anna Jay was going to counter her way to victory. It ended with Jade eventually hitting Anna Jay with Jaded for the victory. Not only was this Jade’s best title defence to date but it was also a match in which Anna Jay truly showed the world her ability to one day be one of the very best female talents on the globe. This episode aired on January 21, 2022. I advise you to go and check this one out immediately. 

Honourable Mentions

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Vs. Tay Conti (Revolution 2022)

Vs. Willow Nightingale (AEW Road Rager 2022)

Vs. Anna Jay (Double or Nothing 2022)

#1. Jade Cargill Vs Kris Statlander (Rampage)

Jade Cargill Vs Kris Statlander

There is a clear pattern with Jade, she was a true face of Friday Night Rampage and you could almost guarantee and title defence with each passing week. However, on this occasion, Jade entered as challenger, for only the second time in her career. In what is likely to be the final bow on Jade’s AEW career she faced the woman that dethroned her at Double or Nothing 2023.

Kris Statlander did indeed return herself that night, immediately challenging Jade to a title match only moments after Jade had successfully defended against Taya Valkyrie. It was on that night that the undefeated streak of 508 days came to an end. With a record of 61-1, Cargill was absent from AEW Television for around 3 months until her return on the September 10th episode of Collision. She challenged Statlander on the September 15th edition of Rampage and it was the best match of her career so far. After defeat here, Jade’s record of 61-2 and her AEW look over with all roads pointing to an imminent move to WWE.

What were your favourite Jade Cargill matches during her time in AEW? 

Who would you like to see Jade step up to in WWE?

A storm is coming…..

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