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Memphis Wrestling: Marvellous Mike’s Mega Swerve

I love Memphis Wrestling. And i love Mike Anthony’s work in Memphis Wrestling. Very few wrestlers commit to their character, in and out of the ring, like him, the way he sells, the danger in his heel work, the violence of the matches with champ Brett Michaels ina car park. And it isn’t just that.

He shows us an inner life too, that’s rare among wrestlers, his struggle, his failure to engage when he was champion, the hostility coming from the feelings within. Such great work.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And when he started to flirt with being a Memphis Wrestling good guy, he did that so well too, eventually standing in front of The Desk, pausing and then going through the stage left locker room door, the good side. A simple act, but one with real resonance.

When he started to pal up with K Toomer to create the tag team Memphis Wrestling fans seem to insist on calling Sho’Nuff Nightmare, it was a bit change which Mike Anthony embraced with gusto, his running round the wrestlecenter with the mic and being respectful to his partner.

Memphis Wrestling have teased them facing each other and they’ve always protested their prescience to each other but remained friends.So this week, when Mike Anthony asked King Cobra, after giving him respect, for a title shot, it wasn’t a surprise.

And the newly installed matchmaker, who even has a briefcase to show us his new position, was confronted by Toomer also wanting the same thing. He made the match. The one we wanted.

Mike Anthony and K-Toomer

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And it was a knock down and drag out affair, after a handshake which Mike turned into forearms, Toomer just dumped him to the mat.

And Anthony sold a chop to the back of the neck with real shock, then only just kicked out of a basement dropkick. The Anthony Gator Feet type move was hit, but the ref had been too earlier, so no count, so Mike Anthony left the ring.To get a chair.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And then he paused. He let us expect it. Then smacked Toomer on the head with it. And repeatedly smacked hin with that chair. He left the action and laughed. Then paused at The Desk. And went through the stage right door, the bad guys locker room.

Was it a huge swerve? It’s been months in the making if it is. Even if it isn’t, this is long term, fantastic writing and booking; praise to Memphis Wrestling, Toomer and of course Mike Anthony for keeping his brilliance going.

The Title Fight

Brett Michaels v Mikey. This was well done too, because Mikey, so popular with Memphis Wrestling crowds, has been a little kooky, which is a large part of his appeal. But since he won the 5 Starr 5-Way No1 contender match, he’s been pushed as a wrestler who can move mountains when he’s in the zone.

Made a believer out of me. And although Brett showed his power early on with a Gutwrench Suplex and Biel, Mikey got a chant after a Sleeper attempt.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

They traded finishers, Gator Feet to Gunshow Lariat, but when Brett clotheslined Mikey when he was on the apron, he needed the ropes to break the count.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Suddenly a Gator Feet changed things and a Sleeper which Brett sold so well, underlined it, the champ falling to one knew before elbowing Mikey but falling to a Shining Mikey.

Mikey got over excited though and as he ran the ropes, fell to that Gunshow Lariat for the pin. Competitive and a really good way to close the show.


NixiXS has been talking to Austin and Nikki Lane, she must have been, ‘cos she told Tim Bosby and McKenzie Morgan that Tim could only get to Austin if they went through one of her O’Neal’s.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

That was fine with Bos, he fought Steven but didn’t even mind the distraction of bro Devon, hitting a BosPlex on both and, whilst McKenzie dealt with Nixi, a Cattle Mutilation, yes, Cattle Mutilation, for the pin.

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And elsewhere, Barnabus the Leader, now Barnabus the Job Seeker, tried his hand at DJ’ing. Except he didn’t, he just shouted at a poor Memphis Wrestling staffer to play a song. I like where they’re going with Barnabus, he’s like a person at a party who turns up uninvited, invites himself to hang around for the weekend and is still there a month later…

And let’s not forget Mpemphis Wrestling head honcho Dustin Starr wandering off after seeming to be served a letter and leaving a confused Terrence to finish wrap up…

Marvellous Memphis Wrestling

Memphis Wrestling tell us themselves;


The calendar is absolutely LOADED!’

and it is! That’s because this is going to well. A quick hour that seemed this week, what great wrestling entertainment, what brilliant writing. And what a talent Mike Anthony is.

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