Marvellous Memphis Wrestling Mayhem?

There was a definite feeling this week about Memphis Wrestling. The turning of Mike Anthony on his partner K Toomer last week was a precursor and that continued this week.

Mike’s Dumpster Deal

Toomer wasn’t happy with Mike Anthony. And so when he saw him in the carpark, he went after him. Mike is an old hand at Memphis Wrestling carpark matches, having had a knock-down, drag-out affair on the concrete with Brett Michaels in the past, so he brought his own chair.

And found himself and his chair in a dumpster – Toomer powerbombed him into it and his face was a picture. Toomer showed his inexperience though by going back to look at his work, only to be hit on the bonce (that’s head, folks) by a chair and then double axe handled off the dumpster by a revitalised Anthony.

They were kept apart after that, but this feud will run and run. Hopefully…

Cage Talks Behind Swole’s Back

But if he wanted to do that, probably be best to try it when he isn’t on Memphis Wrestling commentary. This is an odd situation. Colton Cage was a Hollywood Cliquer, who had a very public falling out with Jimmy Blaylock and even a match with him.

He started to hear cheers, started winning and started a tag team with Big Swole Justin Cole. They haven’t really been that successful, but it’s early days, right? Right?

Well, as Swole struggled a little with grinning Terry Wayne, Cole told us that Swole had dropped the ball in their tag team a few times. As he said that, Justin was being choked on the ropes and falling to a dropkick.

Swole eventually won with a Swole Slam, but Dustin Starr’s face was a picture when Cage told his partner he was proud of him and said he couldn’t wait for Swole to see the match.

That’s the thing, Colton, if you want to talk behind someone’s back, better to ensure it isn’t being broadcast when you do it. Interesting for Cage though, so recently a face turn and now perhaps a heel turn back – things are getting febrile in Memphis Wrestling.

Gio and Draco Don’t Like It

They fought champs Ray Ray and DK for the tag belts and although they had the more eye-catching work, Slingshot Legdrop, Slingshot Swanton, and standing Moonsault, they fell to the patented champs combo of DK superkick and Ray Ray splash.

And then they grabbed the belts. Glared at the champs. And reluctantly raised their hands and hugged. But these are a good guy team. Things are changing…

You’ve Been Served

A lawyer served on Dustin and Memphis Wrestling last week. We didn’t get to know what that was for, but this week he was back, and it was clear he was Jimmy Blaylock’s man. Jimmy’s been in a wheelchair for weeks now and says he needs it, now he’s telling us that it’s because Brett Michaels jumped him in the parking lot. He didn’t say Brett put him in a dumpster, but you never know…

Anyway, the champ of Memphis Wrestling got served by the lawyer and Jimmy said he intended to sue him because he even had to have his security team’s help to make love to his wife…

Jimmy, come on! That’s a bit near the knuckle! It matches the oddly overheated atmosphere this week though. It was even in the Memphis Wrestling women’s title match between champ McKenzie Morgan and Shalonce Royale, as the challenger took control after what looked Ike a botch.

Morgan went for a rope move and slipped off. Royale then pulled down the champ’s kneepad to reveal a knee brace, so maybe it wasn’t a botch after all…Morgan sold the leg hugely but hit a one-legged dropkick and a Belly To Belly Suplex for the pin after Austin and Nikki Lane had wandered down to ringside to upset the champ and been confronted by Tim Bosby.

That distraction actually backfired on the Lanes, as Shalonce had Morgan pinned and was grabbing the ropes too, but ref Marty Elias was too tied up with Austin and Nikki…

And elsewhere, we went from ‘Flex is fine’ last week to saying he’d been run over by a car two weeks ago and then saying he’d been run over by a truck. Blimey!


See what I mean? Things are overwrought, fecund, fertile. Bad feelings are slithering around and it’s surely only a matter of time before it breaks out and affects Memphis Wrestling like never before.

As Memphis Wrestling say;

‘If you’re ready for a new episode of #MemphisWrestling — give us an OH YEAH!’

I can’t wait.

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