Memphis Wrestling Sets A Level : Superb

It takes real confidence to set up a big fight feel for a title match and then not deliver a definitive outcome. It takes skill to make that seem absolutely fine. It take Memphis Wrestling to do it.

The Internet Title Feud

It’s been bubbling for a while. Ever since Austin Lane took the belt from Tim Bosby through clearly nefarious means. Bos has wanted that belt back and has struggled to do so.

Memphis Wrestling Internet Champ Austin Lane and his wife Nikki

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And this time out, Memphis Wrestling led the show with the back story, showed a tough promo from Bos……and then went for a DQ finish.

And it didn’t matter. Why? The feud has been so well planned and simmered that the result isn’t really what matters.We need some good action. And we got it, with Lane desperate to avoid the BosPlex but of ocurse eventually tasting it, then hitting a sweet DDT and when the challenger attempted to complete the Cattle Mutilation, Austin’s wife Nikki entering the fray.

Which brought Bosby’s mate McKenzie Morgan in and led to Bos and Morgan stereo mounted punches and a champ walk away. He kept his belt, but this had a twist.

Morgan, Memphis Wrestling Women’s champ, wants challenges and this is the one for her; mixed tag, both Women’s and Internet title on the line.

Austin’s face was a picture of shock and, refreshingly, head honcho Dustin Starr didn’t just make the match there and then, he referred it to King Cobra. After all, that’s what the Memphis Wrestling matchmaker is for…

Memphis Wrestling Internet Champ Shocked

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

So well done; curveballs and classic Wrestling entertainment.

The Roberts Family Legacy Are Back!

And I didn’t miss them. That’s not to denigrate the work of these top Memphis Wrestling heel group. It’s just that the other Wrestling angles and Wrestling acts in Memphis Wrestling are so strong. And so are Aaron and Cordell Roberts.

Sucks to be Brandon Barretta and Joe Vinetti – they have a slick name, the Top Guns and it was Joe’s debut with Memphis. They were beat up. The Cutter by Aaron as he entered the ring, whilst still travelling, the Powerbomb and Chokeslam combo for the pin, all this was incontrovertible; Top Guns only got some forearms in, really.

Like I said, sucks to be Brandon Barretta and Joe Vinetti…

The Flex Mystery Remains Unsolved

It’s not exactly worthy of Sherlock Holmes, I ain’t got deerstalker on, but there isn’t even a suspect yet. And it was a truck, that tried to run Flex down in the parking lot a few weeks ago, I’d misremembered it. Wait, what was that? Tried to run Flex down? Ah yes, Flex himself this week told us he was nearly hit by a truck; now that’s a little different to how I remember them talking about it.

Flex Tells The Memphis Wrestling Faithful About His Truck Trouble...

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

But we still don’t know who almost hit him. I mean who just missed him. I mean who didn’t actually get the job done. Are they going to find out who it is to give him some nasty driver training?

Still, the old skool nature of the car park car altercation is reminiscent of USWA Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert when Jerry was run over by Gilbert’s car and that works for me.

Memphis Wrestling In The Community

What a great job Dustin and the team do in fundraising for the community. This week we saw the champ getting cheered migthily in what looked like a school gymnasium and the Posse being backed off by the local school baseball team.

Memphis Wrestling is Memphis focused.

Prince Gaston and Matt Whathisname Are Such Good Heels

Because they lean into their ridiculousness. Last week, for the Hallowee Spooktacular Monsters Brawl, they were dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. And they have a propensity to be chicken sh**s but still win more than they lose. Got to admire that.

This week they were instrumental in their colleague Nyxx beating Diana Taylor via distraction and I’d like to see them in Memphis Wrestling for a very long spell.

Even Ash Taylor entertained me this week, he’s getting so much better.

Van Vicious Landed On His Head

From the Gunshow Lariat, wielded by Memphis Wrestling Heritgage champ Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels. VV bumped for the move. Oh, how he bumped. And in looking like he was knocked for a loop, he touched down on the mat head first. That takes strength and huge courage.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

But it also surely takes courage to get out of the wheelchair you’ve been in for weeks and interfere in a match, as Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock did this week when smacking Michaels’ head with his cane – hang on, I’m beginning to suspect he didn’t need that wheelchair…

Excellence As Standard

This episode wasn’t one of those ‘Did you see what happened in Memphis Wrestling this week?’ Nothing extraordinary happened.And yet it was excellent. Amd when a show can do that, it’s a special kind of good. And look at this, from their Twitter page;

‘Memphis Wrestling can be seen on over 30 TV stations + over 30 streaming services across the globe!’

Well done, Memphis Wrestling, bloody well done.

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