5 Questions for a Streamer: Maria

Today we start a new series, you already saw it with Xarissa, called 5 questions.  This time, it’s for streamers!  We start with one of my favourites, Maria.  She’s a fantastic photo editor and enjoys games like Final Fantasy and the Alice: Madness games.  I wandered into her stream a while back when she was... Continue Reading →

5 Questions for 5 Artists, Xarissa edition

I like random things.  Asking random people random questions is a lot of fun.  I recently did that with Josh Shernoff (@sosaysshernoff, you can read that here).  Granted it was more than five questions, but the concept is the same.  Welcome to what I’m calling “5 questions for 5 people” Indi music edition!  I will... Continue Reading →

A Quick Interview with Josh Shernoff about Premier Streaming.

So you all remember at Blizzard Brawl when they dropped the absolute bombshell of the Premier streaming service that was going to host GLCW Blizzard Brawl content?  I was able to send Josh Shernoff a few questions about his new streaming service.  I didn’t go in-depth because I know he’s extremely busy, I’m just glad... Continue Reading →

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