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As of right now, we are working on a volunteer basis while the site gets to the point where we can pay our Editors, Writers, and Contributors. Lace ‘Em Up is determined to create a friendly and collaborative workspace where everyone has a voice and the choice to write about whatever they are interested in, not just Pro-Wrestling. As a member of Lace ’em Up you are encouraged to pursue other ventures and will be trained in how to edit your work and use SEO to help grow the site, your skills, and get experience to help make this a career if you wish to.

As a writer, it is expected that you submit one article a week, while as a contributor an article per-fortnight is the minimum. In saying that we also understand that life is unpredictable and the mental and physical health of those who write for Lace ‘Em Up is of the utmost importance to us. We encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to us and we will do everything we can to help.

Many websites will tell you they are like a family and that is great. But we consider ourselves a community, filled with passionate writers and content creators who want to build something while also supporting and bringing up other websites and content creators. Competition breeds competition but here at Lace ‘Em Up we also want to make the online blogging community a better place.

Open Positions

Please include your name, pronouns, experience, interests, and a sample piece. This sample can be an original piece or links to previous work. We will try and get back to you within a week of receiving your e-mail.

WWE Weekly Reviewer

Reviewing RAW, NXT, and Smackdown on a weekly basis. Sharing your opinion is encouraged.

AEW Weekly Reviewer

Reviewing Dynamite and Rampage on a weekly basis. Sharing your opinion is encouraged.

Impact Wrestling Reviewer

Reviewing IMPACT Wrestling on a weekly basis. Reviewing IMPACT Wrestling PPVs. Sharing your opinion is encouraged.

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