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The SmackDown Six: Just Some Thoughts

Originally posted on 20th April 2019

Just a quick recap on some tweets I sent out today.

Those 6 women are some of my favorite wrestlers in that division. They held down the fort & have done amazing work in the past year trying to build a stronger presence for the women.

– Alexa Bliss has had a rough time injury-wise but she is still one of the best talkers & heels this company has.

Nikki Bella got the first good match out of Ronda

– Becky Lynch is basically the face of the company after working hard, fan support & spending years being overlooked.

– Carmella’s entire character development over the past year has been wonderful to watch.

– Naomi in the last year has worked with everything that has been thrown at her. Her booking hasn’t been great but she has been the solid foundation & veteran holding Smackdown together.

– Natalya has had a rough time with her personal life this year but has tackled it with such strength & grace. She has worked with countless women this year & is another veteran who has held the Raw division together during the reign of terror.

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