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I’m Steve, I like wrestling, boxing, music, movies and other things beginning with M. Macaroons, there’s one. I’ll definitely be writing about wrestling, music, and movies because I try to overachieve and always fall woefully short.
I write for three music mags, have for years and years and years, starting with ink and quill. Those mags are Powerplay, Fireworks, and Fistful of Metal and I’ve written a book which will maybe be published soon.
My podcast, Steve Swift’s Rambling Reviews is apparently worth a listen – surely 38K listens can’t be wrong.
Very much looking forward to retelling the tales of my macaroon mayhem…

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Online Portfolio

Lace ‘Em Up [February 2022 – Present]
Fistful Of Metal Magazine [2021 – Present]
Fireworks Magazine [2010 – Present]
Powerplay Magazine [2004 – Present]
Steve Swift’s Rambling Reviews [Present]
Sports Obsessives [2021 – January 2022]
25YL []

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