Steve Swift’s Undiscovered Gems: C$sh by Nasty Rox Inc

You can call them groundbreaking. You can call them instigators. But Nasty Rox Inc just clicked. And rocked. Oh, how they rocked. Who Were They? Well, people tended to think Nasty Rox Inc were Dave Dorrell's band. And this was in 1988 so MARRS were a thing, in 1987 their 'Pump Up The Volume' was... Continue Reading →

Paul’s Boutique: A Steve Swift Overlooked Gem

No Paul's Boutique, no 'Sabotage'. In fact no Ill Communication. I'll see your Check Your Head and raise you again with this fabulous, and rather overlooked. It's odd. It's a mess. It's a sales disaster. That's a general feeling about Paul's Boutique. The first two are gloriously correct. The last? Here's what I think... Licensed... Continue Reading →

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