Worst Wrestling Returns VIII: Tommy Rich

Of all NWA stars, Tommy Rich is one of the wrestlers most synonymous with the Georgian territory, Known for his iconic feud with Buzz Sawyer and shotgun NWA World Heavyweight title win in 1981, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich was a relic of the NWA, thus it was surprising when he was brought into a more modern... Continue Reading →

Worst Wrestling Returns VII: The Legion Of Doom

Chances are if you ask a wrestling fan to name any tag team, The Road Warriors (or The Legion Of Doom, if you prefer) will be one of the first responses. Although never Bret Hart or Ricky Steamboat between the ropes, the roughhousing duo of Hawk and Animal had the look, the moves, and the... Continue Reading →

Worst Wrestling Returns V: Barry Windham

Who is the single most underappreciated wrestler of all time? For my money, there can be few considered greater candidates for this position than Barry Windham. Although an ex-Four Horsemen member, ex-NWA champion, and a WWE Hall Of Famer, the 6’6 grappler from Sweetwater, Texas has never been gifted the recognition that his talents should... Continue Reading →

Worst Wrestling Returns IV: Ethan Carter III (EC3)

If we were to pick up on the biggest modern failures in the WWE system, it would be the manner in which the main WWE shows wash their hands of NXT wrestler’s pasts, often leading to flushing them down the toilet. Of all the available options of the wasted potential – Keith Lee, The Ascension,... Continue Reading →

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