Rampage Returns To The Regular

The Pattern You know it, surely, by now. I've been banging on about it for long enough. Good Rampage first match. Good Rampage last match. Soggy Rampage middle. After a couple of weeks of better, this week Rampage didn't even offer that. Credit; AEW Started Off So Well You're not going to have a bad... Continue Reading →

AEW: Dynamite, Mark Briscoe Makes In-Ring Debut, Honers Brother Jay

All night AEW honoured the late great Jay Briscoe after Warner Brothers Discovery and TBS made a major u-turn in their decision to not allow the Briscoes on their network. This is a good call from them and getting to see all his family and friends come together tonight to celebrate his life and career... Continue Reading →

AEW: Dynamite Honors Jay Briscoe | 19th January 2023

AEW had a sense of the grief and heartache from the crowd and wrestlers, as a friend and ROH Tag Team Champion, Jay Briscoe, passed away a day earlier. There were armbands, Mentions of him on commentary and a sense of sadness that can't quite be described. But in the words of Queen, 'The Show... Continue Reading →

5 Women Who Could Join The Blackpool Combat Club

The Blackpool Combat Club has been a revelation and one of the best things on AEW programming since Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson faced off in order to bleed with one another. Since then they have steadily bolstered their ranks with William Regal, who has now left for WWE but will be BCC for life,... Continue Reading →

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