Rose’s Garden

This is a photograph I took a few month’s ago for a mini project entitled Rose’s Garden, it’s a document of the garden that Nathan’s nan tended for many years and me and Nathan decided to let nature take over. These images will always be a reminder that life goes on and the things we care for will live on even after a loved one is gone. Continue reading Rose’s Garden

Secret Garden in Photography

artchipel: Slevin Aaron (Poland) – Secret garden The emotion photographer Slevin Aaron is dealing with photography for 7 years, creating photos for magazines, books covers, model agencies and many other projects: “It is what I love, the way in which I can show human emotions frozen in the one frame, and this is for me photography, feelings, emotions, nostalgy, happiness and sadness, love and betrayal, life! So I started to create my own world which is not only a reflection of the ideas in my head but also my feelings.” © All images courtesy of the artist [more Slevin Aaron … Continue reading Secret Garden in Photography