5 Things IMPACT Wrestling Should Do in 2023

Happy New Year everyone, we are officially a week or two into 2023 and things are looking pretty good especially if you're Impact Wrestling going into a sold-out 'Hard To Kill' pay-per-view on Friday the 13th in Atlanta Georgia. But as is always the case, many fans are already making predictions as to what the... Continue Reading →

Great CCW; One Match, No Trash

Coastal Championship Wrestling, CCW, have been doing this on their Alive programme for all of 2022 and that doesn't look like changing any time soon. They don't even take 30 minutes of your time, which is a bonus in today's always on culture; 20 minutes or so is what you'll get. Wrestling goodness is another... Continue Reading →

CCW Gives Us Heavyweight Havok: A Meeting Of The Meat

CCW wrestler Buckshot Brian Brock looks like Outlaw Ron Bass and not just because he has a cowboy gimmick, his body looks similar and his attitude too; that's a really good thing, Bass was class as a wrestler and Brock put in a very good showing here. And he was fighting Gangrel at the late... Continue Reading →

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