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So there is a new fashion trend for your hair this season…..Fire Ombré. i did this style last year but couldn’t do the upkeep…this was due to being pregnant and bleach being a BIG no no, but i loved how my hair looked and felt, mermaid hair at it’s best. 

But someone who rocked the look long before it became popular on Instagram and Pinterest was one of my all time personal style icons, Hayley Williams. Hayley had the look for most of the ‘RIOT era’ which started in the Summer of 2007 although she did go back to her iconic Red hair by the time ‘That’s What You Get’ was released in March 2008. She did have a mainly red with blond tips look in an earlier video for the Paramore song ‘Emergency’ from their first album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ back in October 2005. 

A.N. the last image is of what my hair looked like around 9 months after i dyed it with no upkeep, it turned into a weird grungy look. Only do this trend on your hair if your prepared to commit to the upkeep. 

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Bam is a self discribed spooky bitch who loves punk music, deathmatches & Edgar Allen Poe. She is a lover of books, words & old movies. She has been described by few as an Inebriate Facilitation Specialist but loyal & fiercely independent by most.

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