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STEVIE NICKS: do i need to say anymore

She is the epitome of cool and my go to girl when it come to 70′s Bohemian style. I adore her witchy gypsy style and has shown generations of women that you can look stylish even while wearing head to toe black. 

Her use of shawls, Kimonos and sheer in her onstage outfits are so incredibly on point for this Summer season i just want everyone to embrace their inner Stevie. I’m even more in love with her after seeing Fleetwood Mac last Friday, who were absolutely amazing may i add.

“And don’t let anybody get in your way because you will be so
sorry later, you’ll regret it because life is short and on the other side of
that life is long. So you need to be doing something that you love. So never let
anybody tell you that you shouldn’t do what you love, what you want, you go to
the Velvet Underground and you stay there and do what is good for your soul.”

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