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Life Update Time

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s been hectic here with the baby, having the flu and going on my first holiday to Butlins….I loved it and can’t wait to go back again <3 

There are a few things i want to talk about, one is something I can now discuss, I wanted to wait until the issue came out and i’ll go more in depth in a post later this week, but I basically made it to the final stage of a competition to style plus size clothes, I didn’t get it unfortunately but you can see who won if you pick up this months issue of Cosmopolitan.

I have a project that is slowly coming together where I will be working with other creative minds to produce a collection of images exploring the idea of childhood heroes, which I’m really excited about shearing with you, it’s currently entitled “Inspired By…’ and if anyone is interested in modeling for this project just drop me a line.

I also have a few other things that I may or may not be doing….it’s all still a working progress and very hush hush for now. This includes a few more collaborations and  some fashion and fantasy projects. 

And now a quick update on the other love of my life

So Emily is now a crawling, standing, shuffling machine and has been for around a month now, before that she was shuffling around on her tummy looking like the very hungry caterpillar, which means less time blogging and more time running around making sure she doesn’t eat or ruin all my fashion bibles. She chats away to me and she seems to think we have our own secret language….also finger foods and chopped up fruit is going well organic baby food, from a jar, for her age…not so well.  

So i think that’s everything other than there will be new videos added to my YouTube playlist every Monday to coincide with Music Video Monday here on the blog, i do have more planed in the way of that, and I now have a Twitch, which I will be using to share with all of you what I do in my down time….Gaming.

There is so much to come in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled 


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