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Aria Montgomery has amazing personal style, but that’s more down to the amazing costume department and their costume designer

Mandi Line over at the show.

Aria’s style is what I would call eclectic, taking inspiration from many different places such as old movies and the places she has visited with her family, who have instilled a love and appreciation for other cultures. 

To achieve the Aria look a combination of bold graphic designs and colours, pattens that include animals, hearts, geometric shapes and Aztec prints are very common within her wardrobe, boho fashion pieces such as brown skinny belts, slouchy boots and waistcoats and statement one of a kind jewellery. 

This creates an altogether more Bohemian feel to her wardrobe while also hanging on to her pre-season one look of angry teenage pop punk kid, which crops up now and then with the inclusion of black, lace, stripes, studs, leather and vinyl, yet in a more grown up, sophisticated, well put together way.

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(All images from the lovely people over at http://pllcloset.tumblr.com/)

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