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Arisit: Alice Rose Georgina

Graphic Design

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“This is a campaign advertising the testing on animals for
cosmetics. Its concept is ‘test it out yourself’ by communicating to its audience,
young women, why let animals test out the make-up you use. I wanted to relate
to their childhood memories of animals to the animals that these products are
tested on. I think this has been successful as it is playful and fun while drawing
the audience closer to realising there is a more sinister twist.

Throughout this project I experimented a lot and pushed
myself to try new things. I tried to use more props in my photo shoots to try
and get an understanding of prop layout when taking photographs. Overall it has
been pleasing and interesting to work on a project that I am passionate about
and am able to communicate my opinions to the public within my graphic design.”

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Alice Rose Georgina Christides’s work was definitely eye
catching, the use of bright yellow hazard signs within the work along with the
models and costuming really drove the point she was making home. For me this
work really hit me on a personal level, I’m a big fan of cruelty free make-up
and beauty products but know from experience as a young woman how little I knew
about this issue when I first started wearing make-up in my mid teens. It is an
issue that more young people need to be aware of and the use of childhood
imagery, Minnie Mouse and Bugs Bunny, really makes you empathise more with what
these poor animals go through by pulling at your heart strings and reminding
you of your childhood heroes or pets. It’s as if Alice has ruined our childhood
innocence by focusing on animal characters from TV and film, and I can’t wait
to see what other important issues she will focus on in her work in the future.

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