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ANTM: Episode 2

I’m back with my real time review of America’s Next Top Model, for those who missed it last week, i put the episode on and then react to the episode via unedited bullet points. 

  • Now that i’m watching it weekly, instead f in one go, i’m glad they have a previously on bit.
  • I love the fact the house has gone back to basics, it feels like season one while also being new and fresh while still holding on to what made ANTM special. 
  • Runway week is one of my favourites, besides Makeover week and when they find out were their going abroad.
  • Harlem, Voguers and a Walk Off, how can this get any better. 
  • I knew it would be squad one, they did look the best and brought it.
  • This fight just got majorly out of hand.
  • Stacey’s story is so inspiring and just shows how important it is to believe in yourself and fight for what you want.
  • Runway to Photoshoot, that’s a really cool concept from an artistic stand point, now we have to see who can pull it off.
  • I love Zendaya, her looks are always on point.
  • They are either bringing it or struggling, there is no in between. 
  • Kyle won the challenge, I love her she is one of my favourites so far. 
  • I feel bad for Paige, she seems really nice and we all get star struck, but at least next time she might be able to handle it better.
  • The photo’s are always tough, cause it may seem like people are doing well during the shoot but it doesn’t always come off that way in print. 
  • Cody’s photograph took my breath away and I’m so glad she got the best photo of the week. 
  • I’m sad Justine is leaving, but she should come back in a year or two and learn her craft, cause she is beautiful, she just needs to work at it more.
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