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ANTM: Episode 3

Our Review of Episode 3 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • I love the first few weeks cause no one is bothered when someone is eliminated.
  • If you want to be a STAR in your own right stop mentioning your mum at every possible opportunity. 
  • These girls are so mean, that is a bedroom, it’s a place for rest, if your going to stay up all night talking go to the livingroom, 
  • First photoshoot of the week and MAKEOVER WEEK.
  • Cherish is so scared, but i think it’s going to look phenomenal, but it’s always harder for red heads to love their hair cause of the ridicule they get.
  • Freak outs, freak outs everywhere.
  • The hair stylist isn’t taking anyone’s crap.
  • Nude shoot’s are the best, you get to see who really wants it.
  • I love Ellen Von Unwerth, she’s just so fantastic
  • Cherish’s hair looks fantastic, she looks sexier
  • Kyle looks amazing, some of the makeovers are kinda boring but i’m sure it translates different in pictures.
  • I love Paige and India’s makeovers, Courtney is also rocking the Monroe look <3
  • Giah now stands out instead of blending in.
  • Cody looks amazing but there is something of with the body, but the face is stunning
  • Coryanne’s body looks kinda awkward but her face is good.
  • Kyle knows exactly what she is doing with her body and face
  • Tatiana’s makeover has turned her into a sex bomb, this image is stunning, one of the best so far.
  • Marrisa, Paige and India worked together so well and made a fantastic image on the whole, as well as great individual shots. That image is campaign worthy.
  • Binta is hiding too much, it’s kinda an awful picture.
  • Krislian looks sexy as hell, she reminds me of Foxes or Cece from ‘New Girl’ played by Hannah Simone. 
  • Cherish at a first glace looked amazing, but i get what Rita was saying.
  • Tash is giving me all the Grace Jones in this image.
  • Giah’s picture i really nice but it’s not top model.
  • Courtney looks so good, she is elegant and sexy, just like Marilyn Monroe.
  • Best Photo: Courtney!!! Yes Yes Yes, I LOVE her
  • Bottom Two: Krislian and Cherish….I don’t agree i liked them more than a few who went through.
  • Eliminated: Cherish, I’m gutted she’s gone but i understand to a point.
  • Next Week: more drama and social media challenge.


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