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ANTM: Episode 4

Our Review of Episode 4 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • There already getting homesick and there are already rivalry’s….
  • Social media challenge
  • It’s all about Instagram now, you need to know how to market yourself to make it big in this industry.
  • Snapchat is a great way to connect with your online following.
  • They are getting so stressed, this is crazy.
  • The prize is so good, this time.
  • Challenge Winner: Courtney
  • I understand why Binta is upset, Courtney’s message was amazing, so i know why she won, but it sucks for Binta. I just wish she didn’t come off as so aggressive all the time cause she is really talented.
  • Paper Magazine party and they have to take photographs and tell the story of the evening, this one is right up my street.
  • It is a competition, have you never watched this show before? you go and grab the dress you want. it’s like getting a seat on the underground in London, don’t wait for anyone.
  • I presume that they have had to style themselves for this party. 
  • It is like everything is going wrong for them this episode.
  • Some people are doing real story’s were as  i feel like other people are thinking more high fashion  with their concepts.
  • Editing down pictures is often one of my main downfalls as a photographer because it can be so hard.
  • Tatiana: a great collection of images
  • Giah: The images are fun and i want to be her friend
  • Paige: So high fashion and really editorial.
  • Cody: Her images are kinds boring and a little amuture.
  • Binta: these are so cool and arty and so diffrent to anything eles
  • Courtney: i adore the foirst photo but i’m not sure about the other two.
  • Tash: Basic and amuture, sort it out.
  • Marissa: A+ model story but i want way more from it
  • India: Party girl and exciting, i want to hang out with her, i want to know more, i would follow her.
  • Kyle: I loved her story, i just need more of her
  • Krislian: I adore it and the last image is sexy without trying at all, and that’s what makes it editorial and high fashion. 
  • Best Photo: Krislian
  • Bottom Two: Coryanne & Tash
  • Eliminated: Tash
  • It’s always sad to see a girl go home but i agree this week, I just think Tash isn’t ready for this.
  • Next Week: the photoshoot looks so good next week and drama and models falling, I Can’t Wait.
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