ANTM: Episode 5

Our Review of Episode 5 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • I swear every episode starts with someone telling Courtney off, like sometimes I feel like they are picking on her but other times she seems so entitled.
  • Personal Style lesson, 

    Law Roach knows exactly what he’s talking about and he is right. you don’t need money or designer clothes to look good.

  • and if you don’t know what your doing or need help, get a personally stylist.
  • Personal Style Challenge, this will really show us who dresses well, cause being a model now is about having the full package. and if you can’t dress yourself your gonna have to fake it. 
  • Binta looked awful, were as I think Kyle, India, Tatiana and Paige were spot on
  • Tatiana knows her own style and what she’s about, and that is why she won.
  • Avant Garde fashion is some of the most interesting I’ve ever seen, you can really go all out with your creativity. 
  • Nicola Formichetti is an incredible designer and visionary, they are so lucky to work with him. 
  • some of the outfits are insane but that’s the job, the things I’ve got models to do for an amazing shot is insane. You just have to embrace it.
  • India, she was one of my favourites, her look is amazing and this is so high fashion it’s unreal
  • Krislian, I like it but I wish she had done more and really gone for it.
  • Binta, it’s so sereail, I love this image.
  • Paige, she is like a fierce show queen on her wedding day. love it.
  • Cody, she has really come out of the shadows and has shown just how amazing she is. 10/10 would recommend. 
  • Giah, I’m not a fan, i know the dress was a tough one cause of the balloons but she could of done so much more.
  • Marissa, it’s so fun and sexy but not over the top, it’s incredible.
  • Courtney, i agree with Ashley on so many levels cause she is an incredible model but she seems a little too much as a person.
  • Coryanne, THIS IS TOO MUCH. it’s a straight up Tim Walker level of photography. It’s High Fashion.
  • Tatiana, She is just so good, i can’t wait to see what she does next week.
  • Kyle, I love her but I know this is very hard for her.
  • Best Photo: Coryanne
  • Bottom Two: Kyle and Giah
  • Eliminated: Giah
  • I agree with the elimination, cause looking at their images side by side Kyle is better and can really be an inspiration to so many people, we need someone like her.
  • Next Week:Girls Fighting, Girls Kissing and Some Great Fashion Looks.
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