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ANTM: Episode 8

Our Review of Episode 8
of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • India completely deserved best video last week, I love her so much.
  • Aww, Marissa really misses Kyle.
  • Binta is doubting herself and she shouldn’t, you can’t be good at everything, just do what your good at and be true to yourself.
  • All the drama is so silly.
  • The party challenges are always hilarious, someone always gets to drunk, someone always creates drama and someone always kills it
  • We now get to see how much work goes into those red carpet events; it takes a lot to look that good.
  • Fashion editorial in real life, oh this is going to be golden.
  • I love Philipp Plein
  • It’s live modelling not a shouting match, some of these girls are just
  • How did Cody and Marissa win? I thought all the shouting for sure would put people off.
  • Luxe Photoshoot, this is going to be so good.
  • These are going to look incredible; I’m so excited to see the end product.
  • Why is Courtney complaining, normally she’s so good. She just needs to go for it.
  • It’s never good when a photographer just goes, ‘you’re done’, in a negative tone.
  • It’s like saying ‘I’m so glad this is over’.
  • Courtney’s life has been so hard and it explains why she seems so cold all the time, your experiences shape you and hers definitely have.
  • Marissa, I really love this, it’s so cute.
  • India, is fierce, she has been killing it.
  • Paige, I’m sorry but I’m not even looking at her.
  • Binta, it’s nice but yet again, I’m not looking at her
  • This shoot is a real hit and miss for me
  • Tatiana, this is so good
  • Coryanne, this isn’t great, I think everyone struggled with the steps
  • Cody, I really like it but I want more
  • Courtney, this is so boring, meh
  • Best Photo: Tatiana
  • Bottom Two: Binta and Courtney
  • Eliminated: Binta
  • Next Week: a full music video with the past girls, this is exciting
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