RAW – 27th May 2019

1 hour of just promos, not including add breaks.

– If I didn’t have to watch all of RAW every week I would of turned it off.

– The show starts with Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins & Brock Lesner w. Paul Heyman.

– The boombox version of Lesner is the best one, its stupid, silly & the most personality he has shown in years.

-Then we had a Dolph Ziggler surprise beat down on Kingston followed by a brawl with Xavier Woods.

-The shakiness of the camera made this segment unwatchable.

– Ziggler cut another promo about his dissatisfaction of his place in the company while putting Kofi over.

– Then we have a Shane O’Mac promo & at this point I just want him to go away. This isn’t I’m booing you because you are an affective heel, I’m booing you cause i just need you off of my TV.

– Now Lesner, Heyman & Rollins are back for another promo.

– We got continuity with Lesner because he didn’t know he had a whole year to Cash In his MITB & that is down to him not watching the product.

24/7 Championship

Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross vs Payton Royce & Bille Kay (The IIconics)

Ricochet vs Cesaro

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashly vs The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Firefly Funhouse

Sami Zayn & the WTF are they making this guy do.

Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins.

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