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GCW: Effy’s Big Gay Brunch

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch is a true celebration of the queer community inside and outside of the ring. It was put on by Effy and GCW for The Collective series of shows, which were meant to take place over Wrestlemania weekend but were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Support Effy over at wrestlingis.gay and effylives.com.

AC Mack and Ashton Starr vs The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo)

The match starts with a go behind and Delmi Exo starts to work Ashton Starr’s arm and shoulder after some back and forth Exo hits a Russian Leg Sweep, Ashley tags herself in and monkey flips Starr into a pin, but he kicks out.  AC Mack tags in and goes for Ashley who delivers a beautiful Hurricanrana tagging in Exo who gives AC Mack a Bridging German Suplex.  Ashton Starr comes into the ring and gives a Stalling Suplex to Exo. 

AC Mack and Exo have great in-ring chemistry and really bring it to each other.  Mack and Starr deliver a couple of running knees to Exo while she is in the corner.  Exo delivers a Leaping Back Elbow before the two of them, get on their knees and begin to chop each other but AC Mack gets the upper hand on Exo who delivers a Dropkick Senton.

Ashley comes in fast ready to take it to AC Mack hitting him with a Flatliner, with a quick tag to Exo they deliver a Facebuster and Senton combination, Exo goes for the pin but Ashton breaks it up.  Starr drags his tag partner to the corner for a tag, Ashley Vox breaks up a pin attempt after Exo takes a double-team maneuver from Mack and Starr.

Ashley takes AC Mack to the outside and battles with him for some time before sliding into the ring to break up another pin after a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker.  Ashley hits Ashton Starr with a Tilt-a-whirl DDT.

The Sea Stars are victorious after a Tumbleweed Senton to Ashton Starz.

Dark Sheik vs Still Life with Apricots and Pears (they)

The match starts with a test of strength the two of them focusing on catch wrestling, a Greco-roman Knuckle Lock is reversed into a Sunset Flip, indicating straight off the bat that this match will be something special.  Still Life has control having Dark Sheik in a Dragon Sleeper hold but gets out eventually going for a pin attempt.  After a Missile Dropkick Still Life goes for a pin then transitions into a Sleeper Hold going again for a Crucifix Pin. 

Still Life applies a Bridging Double Arm Lock, but Dark Sheik tries to pin Still Life but they manage to kick out but keep the hold locked on.

Wheelbarrow hold on to a slam and pin, but Still Life rolls out, transitioning into a Headscissor and Arm Bar combination. Still life grapples for a while and transitions into a submission hold but Dark Sheik locks in a Muta Lock and rolls into a pining combination but can’t get the shoulders down. Still Life delivers a running bulldog into a DDT that spikes Dark Sheik on the top of her head and gets her into a pin, but Dark Sheik kicks out.

Dark Sheik hits a version of a curb stomp and then delivers a dropkick to Still Life’s head, now the two of them are in the middle of the ring chopping each other.  Still Life gives Dark Sheik a Seated Senton after tieing her up in a tree of woe.  And with an Indian Deathlock, Still Life with Apricots and Pears taps out Dark Sheik for the win.

Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice, 1 Called Manders, Levi Everett and Mance Warner) vs Billy Dixon, MV Young,  Josh Wavra and O’Shay Edwards.

This match starts off as a straight-up fight, heading to the crowd and beginning to use chairs.

Mance Warner goes for a Finger Poke to the eyes but is blocked by Billy Dixon hitting a Dusty Elbow and going for a pin. Matthew Justice and MV Young sit on chairs in the middle of the ring and start hitting each other before Young gives Justice a Suplex on to of the chairs.

Levi Everett is an Amish wrestler and the commentary team mention that he can only learn wrestling by being in the ring and reading handwritten accounts. O’Shay keeps getting hit by his team and this begins to cause dissension in the ranks. O’Shay puts Mance Warner through the door that is set up in the corner of the ring with a Spear.  After some more insane moves and action O’Shay walks out on his team.

This match is just a hard-hitting brawl with some interesting offense and SGC just wants to use chairs, tables, doors, and cheat to win and they do win, pinning Billy Dixon.

Keep an eye out for MV Young and Josh Wavra, they are going to be stars.

Drag Performance

At the halfway point we get a beautiful drag performance and honestly, it fills my heart with so much joy that something like this can be seen and accepted at a wrestling show.  Tony Deppen comes out and interrupts but is attacked by the other drag queen; Effy isn’t having any of it and comes out to help.

Allie Kat vs Jamie Senegal

Allie Kat starts the match wanting a belly rub but Jamie wasn’t having any of it stomping on her, after many different types of arm drag Allie Kat delivers a Hurricanrana.  The two of them begin rolling around having a catfight on the mat.

A takedown Headlock is applied to Allie Kat, but it is soon into a reversal.  Allie Kat gets up on the top rope but is pushed off by Jamie’s manager, she gives her a hard leg drop. The two of them have such great chemistry in the ring and both are incredibly athletic and have strong strikes, Allie Kat keeps covering Jamie but keep’s kicking out.

Jamie picks up the win when her manager splashes Allie Kat with water, then sliding a chair in, Jamie hits a springboard facebuster onto it and the pin.

Twink Gauntlet Match.

For those who don’t know a twink is it is gay slang for a gay man whose traits include general physical attractiveness; little to no body or facial hair; a slim to average build; and a youthful appearance that may belie an older chronological age.

The first entrant is Jimmy Lloyd (who is not a twink) and Dyln McKay

The match starts out with a mini-match between the two of them, they have incredible chemistry in the ring, but Jimmy Lloyd pins Dyln McKay.

The next entrant is Gerard Evans who is quick and athletic in the ring, going at a hundred miles an hour, Gerard Evans pins Jimmy Lloyd.

Logan Stunt, the brother of Marko Stunt is next out and he has a very similar in-ring style to his brother.  Also, he is wearing an outfit that I could rock, a GCW t-shirt, pink dungarees, and rainbow converse. Gerard Evans pins Logan Stunt.

Parrow is the next competitor, he isn’t a twink but a bear, he is merely a twink hunter and he is here to destroy Gerard Evans and he does, with an assist to Logan Stunt. Next out is Tyler Klein and Calvin Couture but Parrow gets rid of them easily with a double Chokeslam, which they seem to enjoy, resulting in a double twink elimination.

Juicy Jimmy, accompanied by Tony Deppen who seems to be Juicy’s arm candy, he also has a rainbow-colored dildo which he attaches to the turnbuckle. After a bit of back and forth, Parrow eliminates Juicy Jimmy.

Molly McCoy (they) is the next entrant they takes it to Parrow, he finds them amusing so they begin beating him with chairs and her hockey stick, they take it up to the stands.  He throws them into a wall and is dragged back down to the ring by their hair.  He hits them with a Michinoku Driver and they are eliminated.

Effy comes out and starts sending out an unlimited supply of twinks.  They are all displaced and eliminated very quickly. The last competitor is Devon Monroe, all the twinks surround the ring and Tony Deppen comes it declaring his love for twinks helping Monroe defeat Parrow, to win the Twink Gauntlet Match.

Standouts: Dyln McKay, Gerard Evans & Parrow.

Effy vs Marko Stunt

Effy enters the ring holding a riding crop and when Effy’s mystery opponent is announced, as the twink of all twink’s, we see Marko Stunt come through the curtain holding a whip.  This should be an interesting match.

Effy begins to run the ropes and Marko smacks his bum with the whip and now the action picks up with Marko getting Effy out of the ring and following up with a Tope Suicida. While Marko gets into the ring while Effy gets under the ring looking for something, he soon finds it and takes Marko to the corner as Effy tries to use some hot wax, using a blow torch and candles, to avoid the wax Marko bites Effy’s crotch causing him to back away and being taken down to the mat in a submission hold. While on the mat Marko begins pouring hot wax onto Effy.

Marko pulls out an open mouth gag with lovely big black lips from the referee’s pocket, who seems very embarrassed by the fact his secret is out. He gets Effy back into a submission hold and inserts the gag into his mouth. Marko leaves the ring and goes under it producing a large dildo on a tray, he brings it to the ring but is forced down to the mat, effy trying to put Marko’s mouth on it only for him to wriggle free and manages to squeeze the pump that is attached to the dildo, it turns out it is an ejaculating dildo and squirts Effy right in the eyes, while he stumbles around the ring a man dressed as a sex doll comes out to help Marko in his quest to defeat Effy. He is still blinded and tries to pin the sex doll, Effy sets up two chairs and a door laying across them, he puts the sex doll man on top of it and scales to the top rope, Marko grasps hold of Effy and puts him through a door and pins him to win the match.

Effy leaves with the Sex Doll making this a very happy ending. This is a match that needs to be watched to be believed and appreciated.

Sonny Kiss vs Cassandro

The match starts off with a collar and elbow tie-up, taking Sonny to the corner but having a clean break.  They soon tumble out of the ring and eventually get back in.  Sonny Kiss is bringing it to the legend that is Cassandro.

Casandro goes to the top rope and starts showing off before hitting a Hurricanrana, Sonny gets thrown out of the ring and Cassandro flattens Kiss with a Tope Senton. There two competitors are evenly matched, it’s seeing the trailblazer of exótico and the new queen of exótico in the ring and this is a special moment.

The both of them brawl on the outside using chairs and the ring apron to punish each other.  After more back and forth Cassandro hits Sonny Kiss with a Super Victory Roll from the top rope and gets the pin.

Effy came out at the end and made a point of telling us and Cassandro how important he is to the gay community and also to wrestling as a whole.

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