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STARDOM: New Year Stars 2021 | 24th January 2021 | Afternoon & Evening Show

STARDOM: New Year Stars | Afternoon Show | Sun 24th Jan 2021 | 13:00 | EDION Arena Osaka No.2 Stadium, Osaka.

MATCH ONE: Natsuko Tora [Oedo Tai] Vs Ruaka [STARS]

Match Time: 7m 09s

WINNER: Natsuko Tora [Oedo Corps] via Ascension.

MATCH TWO: Starlight Kid & Saya Iida [STARS] Vs Tamu Nakano & Unagi Sayaka [COSMIC ANGELS]

Match Time: 10m 21s

WINNER: Tamu Nakano [Cosmic Angels]  via a Tiger Suplex Hold.

MATCH THREE: Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani [Queens Quest] Vs Mayu Iwatani [STARS] & Lady C

Match Time: 10m 45s

WINNER: Saya Kamitani [Queen’s Quest] via a Star Crusher.

MATCH FOUR: Momo Watanabe & AZM [Queens Quest] Vs Syuri & Natsupoi [Donna del Mondo]

Match Time: 12m 47s

WINNER: AZM [Queen’s Quest] via a Boston Crab.

MATCH FIVE: Gulia, Maika & Himeka [Donna del Mondo] Vs Bea Priestley, Saki Kashima & Konami [Oedo Tai]

Match Time: 14m 46s

WINNER: Gulia [DDM] via a Glorias Driver.

STARDOM: New Year Stars | Evening Show | Sun 24th Jan 2021 | 17:30 | EDION Arena Osaka No.2 Stadium, Osaka.

MATCH ONE: Lady C Vs Ruaka [STARS]

Match Time: 6m 59s

WINNER: Ruaka [STARS] via a Boston Crab.

MATCH TWO: Himeka [Donna del Mondo] vs Saya Iida [STARS]

Match Time: 8m 58s

WINNER: Himeka [Donna del Mondo]  via a Running Power Bomb into a Boston Crab.

MATCH THREE: Starlight Kid [STARS] Vs Unagi Sayaka [COSMIC ANGELS]

Match Time: 11m 12s

WINNER: Starlight Kid [STARS] via a Tornado Star Suplex Hold.

MATCH FOUR: Mayu Iwatani [STARS] Vs Tamu Nakano [COSMIC ANGELS]

Match Time: 15m 00s

WINNER: Time Limit Draw.

MAIN EVENT | THREE WAY ELIMINATION TAG | MATCH FIVE: Gulia, Maika, Syuri & Natsumi [Donna del Mondo] Vs Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, Momo Watanabe & AZM [Queens Quest] Vs Bea Priestley, Saki Kashima, Natsuko Tora & Konami [Oedo Tai]

Match Time: 18m 14s

First Fall : Momo Watanabe (6 minutes 30 seconds, OTR) Giulia

Second Fall: Bea Priestley (6 minutes 40 seconds, OTR) Momo Watanabe

Third Fall: Natsupoi (8 minutes 24 seconds, solidify) AZM

Fourth Fall: Saki Kashima (11 minutes 37) Seconds, neck consolidation) Maika

Fifth Fall: Giulia (11 minutes 42 seconds, side-entry shrimp consolidation) Saki Kashima

Sixth Fall: Natsupoi (13 minutes 45 seconds, foul win) Natsuko Tora

Seventh Fall: Saya Kamitani (14 minutes 46 seconds, star crusher → piece Shrimp consolidation) Natsupoi

WINNER: Bea Priestley [Oedo Corps] via an OTR.

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