GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 4 | Results

GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 4 | 13th February 2021 | GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 5 | 20th February 2021 | Results

This is a stacked card and expect some of the best submission wrestling, grappling and hard-hitting action you will see on American soil.  Josh Barnett absolutely knocked it out of the park putting together these two cards and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  The main event on night one, Josh Barnett’s Bloodspot 4, will see Jeff Cobb go up against Chris Dickinson while night two, Josh Barnett’s Bloodspot 5, will see Jon Moxley face off against Davey Boy Smith Jr.10 Sec116KTokyo Olympics will be held without spectators

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GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 4 | 13th February 2021 | Results

Diego Perez [0-0-0] Vs Gil Guardado [0-0-0]

The match starts with some basic sparring before heading down to the mat for some submission holds.  After getting back to their feet and more sparing Guardado takes Perez down to the mat only for Perez to hit some strikes to get back to his feet.  This was a very short match with lots of back and forth and some lovely submission wrestling.

Winner: Diego Perez via Triangle Choke Hold Submission

Star Rating: ***

Calder McColl [0-0-0] Vs Royce Isaacs [0-0-0]

Royce Isaacs has an amateur background in wrestling while also working for NWA while Calder McCool is an MMA fighter who is transitioning into pro-wrestling. This is another submission heavy bout with lots of grappling for good measure; these two are a fantastic match up.

Winner: Calder McColl via Triangle Choke Hold Submission
Star Rating: ***

Super Beast [0-0-0] Vs ‘Bad Dude’ Tito [0-0-0]

This is both men’s first appearance at Bloodsport.  Super Beast is a masked man and a huge dominating figure on the Bloodsport mat but that doesn’t mean that the Bad Dude isn’t intimidating in his own right.  The two men are focusing on each others arms but Super Beast is throwing Tito around the mat.  This match is full of hard hitting strikes with the two men trying to prove who is the toughest.

Winner: Super Beast via a Double Wrist Lock Submission
Star Rating: ****

JR Kratos [1-1-0] Vs Alex Coughlin [0-0-0]

JR Kratos has appeared at Bloodsport two times previously, now working for NJPW while this is Alex Coughlin’s first appearance, Coughlin come to us from the LA Dojo of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he has been out for some time, and this is his first appearance in the ring since being sidelined by a neck injury.  Kratos may have the weight and strength advantage but Coughlin is young and sprightly with a quick athletic ability and submission skill that will really help him as he progresses in his career.

Winner: JR Kratos via TKO
Star Rating: ****.75

GCW: Josh Barnett's Bloodsport

Kal Jak [0-1-0] Vs Nolan Edward [0-0-0]  

Nolan Edwards is straight out of High School while Kal Jak has been in the wrestling game for a number of years. This match is a fast paced match with Edwards being quick and craft with his armature wrestling background coming out in full.  Kal Jak is all power and menace who likes using big power moves and hard stiff hits.  The match ends with Kal Jak throwing young Edward’s out of the ring, towards the wall.

Winner: Karl Jak via TKO
Star Rating: ****.25

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor [1-2-0] Vs Simon Grimm [1-2-0]

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is a former All American and currently works for New Japan Pro-Wrestling while Simon Grimm is the former Simon Gotch, while in WWE, and has currently been training Catch style wrestling.  These two men are focusing on submission holds and a catch style that seems very popular within the realms of Bloodsport.  These two men are trying to destroy each other, focusing on each others legs and necks for leg bars and front choke holds.

Winner: Tom Lawlor via TKO
Star Rating: ****.75

Davey Boy Smith Jr. [3-0-0] Vs Calvin Tankman [1-0-0]

This marks Davey Boy Smith Jr’s fourth appearance at Bloodsport and Calvin Tankman’s second, will Tankman finally be the one to ruin Smith’s perfect score of 3-0?  Tankman has made a name for himself in GCW while Smith is from two wrestling families, the Smith’s and Harts, Barnett has known Smith since he was 19 and the two have trained together in catch wrestling.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr. via Cross Face Submission Hold
Star Rating: ****

MAIN EVENT | Jeff Cobb [0-0-0] Vs Chris Dickinson [1-3-0]

Chris Dickinson has appeared in every single Bloodsport event while this is former Olympian wrestler Jeff Cobb’s first appearance; he currently performs for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and is part of The United Empire with Will Ospreay, Great-O-Kahn, and Bea Priestley.  Cobb’s biggest disadvantage in this match is that he doesn’t rely on submission moves and tends to go for the pin which isn’t an option here.  Chris Dickinson is a submission specialist and is using his Brazilian Jujitsu training to full effect here, keeping Cobb on the mat.  Jeff Cobb hits three huge German Suplex’s in quick succession, knocking Dickinson out for the victory.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via TKO
Star Rating: ****.5

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