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GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 5 | Results

Bad Dude Tito [0-1-0] Vs Calder McColl [1-0-0]

This is both of these competitors’ second appearance at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport, will McColl continue his winning streak, or will Tito beat the Scottish Highlander.  These two men never let up the whole match, moving quickly in and out of tight submission holds and hard-hitting strike

Winner: Calder McColl via a Sleeper Hold Submission
Star Rating: ***

Calvin Tankman [1-1-0] Vs Nolan Edward [0-1-0]

This is Calvin Tankman’s third appearance while this is Nolan Edwards second at Bloodsport.  This match is a hard hitting affair with Edward’s fighting from underneath the whole time but is unable to topple the beast.

Winner: Calvin Tankman via a TKO
Star Rating: ***

Kal Jak [1-1-0] Vs Super Beast [1-0-0]

Super Beast looked really impressive in his first outing at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 4 but will he be able to beat Kal Jak tonight?  These two men are huge and athletic with Kal Jak wanting to keep Super Beast to the mat so he can’t use his powerful legs and strikes.  The two of them hit each other with hard strikes but Super Beast wasn’t as good this time against the veteran Kal Jak.

Winner: Kal Jak via a TKO
Star Rating: ****

Alex Coughlin [0-1-0] vs. Royce Isaacs [0-1-0]

Alex Coughlin and Royce Isaacs are evenly matched in this match, the two of them showing their grappling and submission skills, both trying not to lose their second match at Bloodsport.  There is a beautiful moment when Coughlin has Isaacs in a cross armbreaker only for Isaacs to transition into a Texas Clover Leaf; the hold was broken as Alex crawls off the mat.  This match is an intense bout that really needs to be watched by every fan of submission wrestling.

Winner: Royce Isaacs via a Grounded Dragon Sleeper Submission Hold
Star Rating: ****.75

Rocky Romero [0-0-0] Vs Simon Grimm [1-3-0]

This is Rocky Romero’s first appearance at Bloodsport and previously trained under Josh Barnett at the Inoki LA Dojo in California, Romero is now one of the best and most decorated Junior Heavyweights in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.  The pair of them are very experienced catch wrestling specialists with an emphasis on submission wrestling.  This match is an absolute spectacle and a true classic in this style and should be a match that is talked about for years to come.  Romero doesn’t change up his high intensity style during the match proving that Junior Heavyweights belong in Bloodsport.

Winner: Rocky Romero via a Cross Arm breaker Submission
Star Rating: *****

Chris Dickinson [1-4-0] Vs JR Kratos [2-1-0]

These two are hard hitting tough competitors who never hold anything back.  These two are using strong strikes, huge power moves and hellish looking submission holds. Kratos has the size advantage but that doesn’t stop Dickinson from lifting the bigger man and getting him down to the mat.

Winner: Chris Dickinson via a Rear Chokehold Submission Hold
Star Rating: ****.5

Jeff Cobb [1-0-0] Vs ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor [ 2-2-0]

It’s New Japan Pro-Wrestling vs New Japan of America and we are in for a fight. The two men get straight to grappling going down to the mat, trying to submit the other, Cobb seems to have upped his game in that respect, but we will see if his power advantage will come in handy this time around.  Lawlor is relentless in his attacks, using his experience in striking to his advantage, trying to break Cobb down and get him back to the mat, Cobb hits Lawlor with three German Suplex’s into a Full Nelson Hold for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via a Full Nelson Submission Hold
Star Rating: *****

Davey Boy Smith Jr. [4-0-0] Vs Jon Moxley [1-0-0]

Davey Boy Smith Jr, who is undefeated in Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport issuing the challenge to Jon Moxley, who is a former AEW World Champion and the current IWGP United States Champion.  The match starts off hot and heavy with a feeling out process before the two start grappling down to the mat, Moxley is showing off his armature wrestling ability while Smith is a pure wrestler with the skills of not just his father but grandfather Stu Hart.  Smith is a catch wrestling specialist but Moxley is very quick not just on his feet and is really taking his contemporary to his limit.  At some point, Smith hits Moxley repeatedly with hard forearms and busts his head open, but this just angers Moxley and he becomes more vicious. This could be the greatest Main Event in Bloodsport history rivaling Josh Barnett vs Minoru Suzuki.

Winner: Jon Moxley via a TKO
Star Rating: *****

ANNOUNCED FOR GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6:

‘Bad Dude’ Tito0-2-0
Nolan Edward0-2-0
Alex Coughlin0-2-0
Gil Guardado0-1-0
Diego Perez1-0-0
Rocky Romero1-0-0
Royce Isaacs1-1-0
Super Beast1-1-0
Simon Grimm1-2-0
Calder McColl2-0-0
Jeff Cobb2-0-0
Jon Moxley2-0-0
Kal Jak2-1-0
Calvin Tankman2-1-0
JR Kratos2-2-0
‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor2-3-0
Chris Dickinson2-4-0
Davey Boy Smith Jr.4-1-0

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