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Memphis Wrestling: Lean But So Strong

Memphis Wrestling strong, you say? Yep, like some sort of homemade epoxy, like when you glued your nethers to the table…

I said not to mention that! Ahem, anyway, yes, incredibly strong. And because the angles, characters, guests are so strong, you don’t need to shove too much in.

A Little Goes A Long Way

3 things in this episode of Memphis Wrestling. Doesn’t seem sparse, though. Seems like what they promised they have delivered and what was simmering is coming to the boil.

OK, here it is.

Boiling : the Memphis women ’s championship picture had been hot for months, since Nikki Austin (smokin’ hot, you know…) won the first belt and had it cruelly snatched away by self aggrandising Heather Monroe.

20220321 221250
There Are No Timeouts In Wrestling, Heather Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Monroe, the Killer Bae, used the febrile women’s picture to play wrestler against wrestler and came out on top.

Someone had to cut through the chaos. And someone did. For a while I thought it might be Rebel Kell (and I hope she returns to Memphis Wrestling soon). Then I thought it would be Amber Rodriguez. But no…

Skylar was given the nod. And she’s come on from her early seemingly shy silence through her Pro Shingle adverts to the tough kicking badass of today.

20220321 221234
Skylar Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And her time had come one on one with Monroe for the title. She…

…hang on, it ain’t going to be that easy. Amber wanted a piece of the action. She had a point, even though she told Skylar she wanted to rip her skin off her flesh then frowned when she realised what she’d said.

Very quickly she was in the picture.

This was now a triple threat.

Monroe and Rodriguez had worked together before. And they wanted to work over Skylar. Amber hit first, a huge clothesline, but who would get the pin? Ah yes…

Skylar came back with a nasty faceplant for a long 2 count, but Amber echoed her opponent’s taking of her false eyelash a while ago by pulling at her nose and mouth.

Skylar came back incontrovertibly with a double DDT but when she tasted a Bad Michinoku Driver, Monroe’s finisher, it surely was over.

Except it wasn’t. Skylar kicked out! And that affected Monroe. Badly. It wasn’t just the three of them, you see. Mickie James was there as Memphis Wrestling guest and Nikki was back too.

Monroe wanted a scene with Mickie at The Desk – in Memphis Wrestling, everything goes through The Desk – but Nikki was wise to it and stood in her way.

So the champ returned to the ring. And walked straight into a full extension Skylar roundhouse kick to the head.

New champ!

A fan danced. Amber tasted a kick from Mickie. All seemed very fine indeed, a story arc finished with a flourish.

Bubbling : Country Rock owe Big Jack money and the modern day Scott Norton wanted to collect.

In fact, he’d been doing that for weeks in Memphis Wrestling. And Country Rock were sick if it. So they decided to call Jack out. Erm, that might be the wrong decision because…
A. He had already handled both of them many times
B. He had help.

A big (well, broad anyway) bloke called Bruce, just the one name, accompanied Jack and a couple of assisted spears and brutal ripcord knees later, they’d done it again.

Will Bruce stick around? Or was it a one shot deal? Either way, it’s a hard road for Country Rock. They should have read the small print on that agreement…

Beautifully Seasoned : The Memphis Wrestling main event showed Dustin and Maria Starr’s touch of class with wrestling guests for Memphis Wrestling.

Jonathan Gresham. Nick Aldis. For the ROH championship. You’d expect brilliance. That’s what we got.

20220321 221259
Aldis v Gresham Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

After good jockeying, we had the first real exchange. Check this out; an Aldis head scissors, Gresham rolled out to a leg lock attempt, Aldis back to the head scissors, Gresham escaped to a leg lock and into a bow and arrow, Aldis popped out to a pinning combination.


Elsewhere, Gresham tried for cattle mutilation but didn’t have it on completely so tried for another arm submission, but found himself in trouble off the top. Aldis held him, almost shook his head wryly, then segued from a suplex to a smooth brainbuster.

20220321 221303
Gresham v Aldis Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And another superb chain of moves; 2nd rope moonsault into an ankle lock, muscled up suplex for a long 2, that’s Gresham. Well executed tombstone piledriver for Aldis. And then? Cardona. On the screen. A distraction. Could have been awful.

But Aldis hopped off the top buckle, showed his knee was hurt, Gresham clocked it too and synched in the figure 4. Aldis was fighting it, laid down to take a quick breather, shoulders to the mat – ref counted.


Crowd was a bit quiet, but soon raised their voices at a stunning match of 2 so well matched grapplers. It was a superb way to end an excellent show.

20220321 221306
Gresham Takes The Ankle Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Only 3 Bits Then…

But what bits. Oh, and continuing the run of excellent Memphis Wrestling guests, Zicky Dice will be taking over for a show, which is worrying and exciting in equal measure.

The crowd were hot for this show. Of course they were. Memphis Wrestling is currently phenomenal, so well plotted, so well played, so well wrestled.

So do watch it.

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