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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8: Full Review & Live Results

Josh Barnett and GCW bring you Bloodsport 8 from Dallas, Texas featuring Jon Moxley, Timothy Thatcher, and Minoru Suzuki. Join us at Lace ‘Em Up as we give you live updates and read our review below.

Masha Slamovich Vs Janai Kai

Masha Slamovich is set for a very busy weekend but her first stop, before she fights a bear, we still don’t know what that entails, is in Bloodsport 8. The fight was scrappy but allowed Janai Kai to show off her skills despite her being a rookie in comparison to Slamovich. after a lot of back and forth, Masha Smaovich locked in the Cross-Arm-Breaker for a quick victory via tapout.

Winner Via Submission: Masha Slamovich


Ninja Mack Vs Yoya

This match was an absolute barn burner, with these two up and comers, bringing their own unique styles to the Bloodsport mat. despite there being no ropes, as is tradition for the event, that didn’t stop the pair from giving it their all, transitioning from submission moves to some true acrobatic moments that looked spectacular even on the mat. Ninja Mack wrestled tonight with no mask and was the clear fan favorite, but Yoya also impressed. There was a great yet real ‘holy shit’ moment when Yoya threw himself and Mack to the floor outside. This is a match you need to watch this weekend.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: Ninja Mack

Bad Dude Tito Vs Royce Isaacs

This match was a hard-hitting affair, focusing on power more than subtle joint manipulation and submission holds. The great thing about Bloodsport is the variety from match to match while still never feeling disjointed. This fight was really all about Royce Isaacs dominating for his Team Filthy family. If you enjoy big old Hoss fights then this is the match for you.

Winner via Submission: Royce Isaacs

Slade Vs Alex Coughlin

Alex Coughlin has become an institution within Bloodsport, but he has been away in RevPro for some time and is now back, looking better than ever since his graduation from the New Japan LA Dojo. He is a personal favorite of mine and it has been great to see him carve out his own path within wrestling. Slade had a great showing here but he was really no match for the Katsuyori Shibata-trained wrestler.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: Alex Coughlin

John Hennigan Vs Simon Grimm

The crowd has decided that John Hennigan is now Johnny Bloodsport and we are all here for it. This match was a quick affair but was a fantastic showing for John Hennigan but that didn’t stop Simon Grimm from putting up a fight.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: John Hennigan

Marina Shafir Vs Zeda Zhang

This is a scrappy fight between MMA sensation Marina Shafir and the equality talented Zeda Zhang. This was a true masterclass in MMA and submission wrestling with the two transitioning between moves and slams easily and with great technical prowess. This is another bout that needs to be seen especially for those who love this kind of mat-based grappling.

Winner via Submission: Marina Shafir

marina shafir

JR Kratos Vs Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher makes his return to the GCW mat tonight to face the terrifyingly big JR Kratos. Thatcher hasn’t been in a ring since August of last year and this is his first match back since then. despite the commentary team wondering if Thatcher would have some ring rust, this doesn’t seem to be the case, his traditions are just as smooth as ever. JR Kratos retaliates with sheer power, especially after being busted open by his opponent. The crowd is unhappy with the result and it is clear that Timothy Thatcher is one of Bloodsports’ favorite sons.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: JR Kratos

‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey Vs Yuya Uemura

Yuya Uemura came to the Bloodsport ring for his second match at this event, dressed in his traditional black and his neck adorned with a red towel, giving a nod to trainer Katsuyori Shibata and New Japan founder Antonio Inoki. Mike Bailey is known for his high flying ability but here he shows that he can get down on the mat with the best of them. but he was no match for the vicious and hard-hitting disciple of Japanese Strong Style.

Winner via Submission: Yuya Uemura

Josh Barnett Vs JONAH

This is JOHAH’s first appearance at Bloodsport and he is facing off against the youngest UFC champion in history, Josh Barnett. Despite this being JOHAH’s first time he doesn’t disappoint, bringing the pain and submission moves to Barnett. This was a truly enjoyable fight that I would love to see again.

Winner via Submission: Josh Barnett

Jon Moxley Vs Biff Busick

Now that Biff Busick is free it’s time for him to face off against the one who left and created a whole revolution around himself, Jon Moxley. This match starts off with both men showing off their technical prowess before the fight becomes more and more intense. The two spill to the outside resulting in Biff Busick being busted open. This is when the real battle begins, with hard chops and blood spilling onto the mat, this is what Bloodsport 8 is all about. This might just be the match of the night or at least one of the best.

Winner via KO: Jon Moxley

aew jon moxley rehab transformation

Minoru Suzuki Vs Chris Dickinson

The King of Pro-Wrestling is about to face off with the Dirty Daddy in the main event of Bloodsport 8. This is their third match having previously faced off in New Japan of America and Bloodsport 7, but Dickinson hasn’t ever been able to defeat the great Minoru Suzuki. This match has everything, from strong style chops to beautiful transitions on the mat. Suzuki is here to teach the younger Dickinson who is boss but the real story here is of Dickinson’s quest to finally show The King that he is truly worthy.

Winner via Referee Stoppage: Chris Dickinson

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