Memphis Wrestling Is Hot Hot Hot!

Yep, Memphis Wrestling has kept it burning beautifully. Tonight we had Trios action, a face turn confirmed, a heel turn expected, the Women’s and tag team divisions in messy flux.

So much going on, that there’s no time to blink or get a coffee. And that’s the way it should be.

Derrick The King Should Think Before he Speaks

Derrick is so popular, a fan danced as he entered. And he wanted to come back to who he is.

So? It’s popular at the moment. An Open Challenge.

Derrick, think twice! There are some bog blokes in the back, Big Jack, Big Swoll (the clue is in the title) and…


But…Derrick got him down. And that Superkick was sold by Toomer as if he had been felled for good. And then he popped up and hit the Big Bang for the pin.

That naughty Toomer. Derrick must be ruing the day he wanted to find himself again.

It was an excellent Memphis Wrestling opener.

The Posse Make Good On Their Threat

They did say they would. They even announced their intention on my podcast. Now we saw it in action. The Posse has the Memphis Wrestling belts. But they aren’t Memphis Wrestling wrestlers at the moment.

That’s just the case of a contract signing, isn’t it? Well, the Posse kept a disheveled (well, tieless) Dustin Starr waiting for their meeting, then didn’t sign that all-important contract.

After all, they are sitting in what is commonly known as the catbird seat. They have control. And did Simon casually call Dustin ‘Vince’ as he left? He told me he calls the gent ‘Memphis Vince’, but that’s very naughty.

There are so many places this can go. The contract negotiations. They held up tag titles. The Yung GOATS saying they will fight them anywhere. Dustin has to control it all.

This is shaping up beautifully…

Meklakov Survives His Name

It’s Norman. Not Nikolai. Not Nikita. Norman. But this bear of a man had his Russian accent down pat, his dislike of the ‘USA’ chants on hand, and a physical challenge.

The Meklalock. Say it 3 times fast, it’s a real tongue twister. It’s a Full Nelson that seems as hard to break as reliance on carbs.

This week Kid Wrestling wanted to have a go. Did he say he could break it ‘in my dreams’? You surely mean in your sleep, in your dreams in an insult which means you have no chance.

He had no chance. Meklakov lifted him off the floor with the Meklalock, KW lost consciousness, Norman then put him in the ring, hit a Full Nelson Slam, and counted himself.

That seemed pretty clear. But someone bigger than you will surely come along soon, Norman.

Talking Of Someone Bigger Than Meklakov…

Big Jack wants his money. He’s brought Bruce in to underline the point. Country Rock owes him the money. So this week they both showed up at their car.

Hang on, Country Rock have a car? Sell it and pay Big Jack! Problem solved. Of course, it could be a lease or a rental. I haven’t thought this through; just like Derrick earlier on. But without the excruciating pain.

The Women’s Division Is Such A Hot Mess

Memphis Wrestling has done it again. Skylar is the champ. But this was all about Amber Rodriguez and Heather Monroe falling out.

So they found male partners to tag with. And as Dustin informed us, this was a tag match, Memphis Wrestling doesn’t have the intergender rules other promotions do.

Heather Monroe & David Ali v Amber Rodriguez & Carlos Alexander Rios

The men didn’t seem delighted to be there, but happy to fight. The camera work was excellent in the closeup of Amber’s face during a Monroe hip attack, the look is almost to say ‘I don’t need this…’ but she was soon driving her assailant’s face into the mat and biting it for good measure.

David Ali was having fun against Rios too, a Face Crusher off the top and a sweet Butterfly Suplex, his partner Heather, when 2 on 1, just punched the 2 combatants too.

Ali secured the pin with a Clothesline off the top and Driveby Kick though. A messy bit of real fun and just the right thing to reflect the frenetic energy of the Women’s Division.

As if that wasn’t enough, we had a very sweet Skylar at the Desk, talking about her delight at winning the Memphis Wrestling Women’s title. And here’s Diana Taylor to cheer her along.

Oh, she hasn’t done that. She smacked her around the head and DDT’d her on a chair. Well, broadly similar…

I did mention in my report last week for this here periodical that Taylor might want to dip her toe in the dark side. Well, looks like she’s waded in waist-deep…

Who’s Coming?

Apart from the Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer making a second assault on the Memphis Wrestling mainman Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) you mean?

Yes .

I’m talking about the Man Beast Rhino.



My word, that’s some beef. Better reinforce the ring, etc. Joking apart though, that’s a tasty matchup and another example of guests being used well.

And Your Main Event of Memphis Wrestling…

Trios action. The rings might be on someone else’s pinky soon…

The Elements of Wrestling v Mikey & The Skimahorns

Hang on, where’s Briar Skimahorn? Didn’t The Elements Of Wrestling mention 3 on 2 earlier on?

Ooh, those swines!

Mind you, the newly fan fave Brad and his extremely over Uncle Mikey seemed to have extra energy, Mikey wringing the arm and biting the finger, then throwing Brad up as came off the ropes for the splash. Brad didn’t even seem to mind the Mikey chants when he was in the ring.

Double-teaming will out though and Brad found himself being choked and his nose plucked and pulled at in the corner; they even ensured the ref didn’t see the hot tag.

When Mikey was allowed in, he introduced Pyles to every top turnbuckle and hit a flatliner for a 2 count.

And now to an ending which had an odd beginning but turned out brilliantly. Mikey was hanging off Colton Cage’s back, head down, when a returning Briar hit Cage with a cutter, making him tip up and allowing Mikey to execute a Destroyer. What a way to win the Memphis Wrestling Trios titles.

And What An Episode

So much going on, so much coming up, so many well-controlled messes to look forward to. Memphis Wrestling is hot. And only getting hotter.

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