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MPW Bangerz Only! & They Didn’t Disappoint [02.04.2022]

Mission Pro Wrestling joined forces with Gorilla Press to bring you a fantastic night of wrestling, MPW Bangerz Only! This show brought together some of the best female wrestlers on the independent scene and allowed them to go one-on-one with one another. This card includes AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, Indie Hall of Famer LuFisto and GCW standout Allie Katch. This is the first women owned, women run, and women’s only, well nearly, show at GCW The Collective and with this line up, lets hope this isn’t the last.

Singles Match | Janai Kai Vs Shazza McKenzie

It’s great to have Shazza McKenzie back in the USA after being unable toi wrestyle outside of her home countery of australia duitng the pandemic. She was just getting a good following before and hopfully she can keep that momentum going. Janai Kai has appered for MPW three times now and has also been bulding a name for herself over the last two years as a part of the GCW The Collective events. These two put on a great opening match with loads of kicks and submission moves, the future is bright for both of these stars.

Winner via Pinfall: Janai Kai

Singles Match | JP Harlow Vs Allie Katch

Allie Katch is the Queen of GCW and also the person you want in an intergender match. JP Harlow called out Katch making this match for this event, he is the ‘man’ of MPW and is the instant heel in this one. She has honed her craft by wrestling both men and women equally, and everyone in-between, she is an equal opportunities fighter and JP Harlow is about to feel the power of the Allie. This match is a masterclass in intergender wrestling and is a certified Banger, that’s right this show literally is Bangerz Only.

Winner via Pinfall: Allie Katch

Singles Match | La Rosa Negra Vs Jody Threat

La Rosa Negra is the first ever MPW champion and is ready to face off against the wild child Jody Threat. This match is insane from start to finish, these two women really bring the fire, even taking the action to the outside and utilizing the concrete to their advantage. Both women are on a bit of a loosing streak which is why they are working so hard to win this one. The finish was a big surprise with La Rosa hitting a perfect Frog Splash before being rolled up by Jody Threat.

Winner via Pinfall: Jody Threat

Tag Team Match | Bougie Reality [Rache Chanel & Madi Wrenkowski] Vs Bionic Kingdom [KiLynn King & Jennacide]

Images by @masonendres

Jennacide is a bionic woman and you might know KiLynn King from her appearances in AEW. Bougie reality visually are everything the Bionic Kingdom are not, rocking a vibe that embraces the Bratz Dolls, The Kardasians and The Cheetah Girls to create a fantastic gimmick that many women would love to cheer for. It feels like MPW has women for everyone, from distinct characters and styles to a variety of different body types and a clear celebration of who they are, it’s a joy to see.

Winner via Pinfall: Bougie Reality

Singles Match | Masha Slamovich Vs Lindsay Snow

If there was a ‘Hoss’ fight with email wrestlers, maybe it is just a hoss fight, then this is it. Two absolute powerhouses who have carved a path for themselves by being completely themselves and unafraid to hit hard and be ruthless. Snow has always given me Luna Vachon vibes and it feels she has fully embraced the hard hitting crazy style of this unsung hero of the industry. Along with her in-ring ability Snow’s blond dreadlocks and war paint feels like another nod to the legend.

Masha Slamovich with her wild red hair and sinister smile is the perfect opponent, having made a huge splash in the last year, becoming one of the most talked about wrestlers, not just female, to come out of the pandemic era of wrestling. These women do not stop, the action starts off hot and heavy and gets even more intense as time goes on. It is a hard hitting match that has everything you could want from a big time match. these two were meant to face off 16 months ago but this plan was derailed due to Snow suffering an injury, but the wait was more than worth it. Lindsay Snow ended the match with a muscle buster winning her first match back at Mission Pro Wrestling in 16 months.

Winner via Pinfall: Lindsay Snow

Six-Person Tag Team Match | The Hex [Allysin Kay & Marti Belle] & Laynie Luck Vs The Renegade Twins [Robyn & Charlette] & Jazmin Allure AKA Top Tier

Images by @masonendres

The HEX are the current NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions and are making their debut, teaming with Laynie Luck who is the ‘Party Unicorn’. The Renegade Twins, who are the Mission Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, have teamed up with Jazmin Allure who has been a Mission Pro Wrestling World Champion, but could she climb her way back to the top again? Allure and The Renegade Twins have tagged before and are known as a team called ‘Top Tier’ this faction is sure to be a hit wherever they go and could be huge names in a few years. This is another match that doesn’t stop from bell to bell, it’s exciting, hard hitting and full of fantastical moves and a solid foundation in wrestling technique. A definite must see from a show that is jampacked with Bangerz and might have been missed by those less familiar with the women involved. The Hex Vs The Renegade twins needs to go down and it needs to be for the championships.

Winner via Pinfall: Top Tier [Jazmin Allure, Robyn & Charlette Renegade]

Singles Match | Thunder Rosa Vs Trish Adora

This is a first time match between these two champions of the women’s scene and it didn’t disappoint. less than a month ago Thunder Rosa was crowned the AEW Women’s Champion, this made the stakes for this match even higher as if Trish Adora pinned the champion she would hold a claim to a championship match. This match was so good that a Part II is needed and maybe it should be for a championship. In this case it would have to be for Adora’s Pan Afrikan World Diaspora title, but how much better would it be to see her challenge for a championship on a huge stage. Adora deserves it and everyone needs to see what she can do.

This is yet another match that has everything and is one to seek out. It’s so hard to find any bad points of this card, there really isn’t any, when you allow the women to go out there and do what they want magic happens. Bigger promotions need to look at what Mission Pro Wrestling are doing and follow their lead when it comes to women’s wrestling. We are strong, we are every size, every color and every religion, we are everything we want to be and Thunder Rosa Vs Trish Adora encompasses this very idea.

Winner via Pinfall: Thunder Rosa

MPW World Championship Match | Holidead vs LuFisto

Images by @masonendres

This match is a no DQ match and what a main event this is, two absolute titans of the scene going head to head in a hard hitting fight. A no DQ match favors LuFisto in many ways as she is the First Lady of Hardcore but will Holidead be able to show us she is the next face of this style. This match doesn’t let up from the offset, with LuFisto taking the fight to the champion, hard chops and strikes are followed up with an array of weapons’ such as chairs and doors. This was the perfect way to end the night, with the future and the trailblazer putting on the best match on the card.

The night ended with Holidead brining all the women out from the back and thanking LuFisto for everything she has done for women’s wrestling. MPW Bangerz Only! ended as a celebration of the industry and with a promise to bring more high quality women’s matches to the masses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all these women.

Winner via Pinfall: Holidead

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