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UKW Showdown: Late Edition

I know, I know. Very late. Last week’s UKW show on the day this week’s show is filmed.

And there’s more

I saw it without knowing the results of the Night Of Champions show the following night.

Confusing, isn’t it?

The episode isn’t though.

Mustafa Khan Is A Classic Heel In UKW

He’s out first. Week in and week out. He does the same thing. And it feeds back to classic wrestling. He comes out. He doesn’t give us any irony. He doesn’t pull back the curtain. He allows himself no wiggle room, he plays high status from the beginning and leaves a long way to fall if his Persian Empire doesn’t win.

Tonight? He paused for breath and someone shouted ‘You Suck!’ He just waited and continued, unswerving.

It reminds me of Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable – no fallback position.

The TV Title Tournament Continues To Deliver

This week, the smooth ring smarts of Cayman Carlisle v unadulterated energy of Jayrow Lewis; a Lewis dive over the top onto the stage, Carlisle Buckle Bomb, and an Alabama Slam – been a while since I’ve seen that! It ended with a lovely Swinging Neckbreaker for the Carlisle clincher, but I didn’t want it to.

And then the UKW head honcho, Jonathan Sedgwick battled Andrew Jepson. In a different type of match, Sedgwick cut the Man Mountain down by focusing on a knee (the right, since you ask) with a Figure 4 that Jepson reversed, putting more pressure on the knee. Sedgwick had already got to the ropes before Jepson had time to get too much of a Swing in earlier on and by the time he went for it again, his knee wasn’t allowing him more than one revolution. And then Sedgwick just suddenly rolled him up for the pin.

UKW swerved us. Spend all matches on the knee. Then don’t make it a feature of the end.

Two great matches. Both are very different.

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The Round The Clock Belt Is Back To Round The Clock

From the moment champ, Tommy Dillon was chased around the ring by Remus Cain, it was on.

Ian Creed (not Creep, I’ll have you know) wants that shot too. After a tough time with Sebastien Mercer, who hit a sweet Basement DDT, Creed just grabbed him by the nose and smacked his head to the mat repeatedly. Then finished it with an incredibly smooth knee to Mercer’s chin.

He had Dillon’s glove. Tommy D didn’t just think he’d buy another, he accepted a match – belt v glove. Doesn’t seem fair. And I bet Cain is annoyed…

JPR Is A Great Hand

With charisma to spare, a slovenly charm, and a superb DDT he calls RedRum. Jacob Reid worked on the leg after a flying Uppercut (he wants me to call it that) and a high Cloverleaf (he wants me to call it that too) but it wasn’t enough.

JPR is enjoying his UKW wrestling and I can’t help thinking he’s up to something…

Leonie Rose Is A Great Playground

She can’t help answering the fans. She even kicked the guardrail this week. And she even rubbed her opponent, pumped up Artemis, across the ropes face first – that’s a splendid cheap heel move.

And of course, UKW Women’s Champ Rose lost (the belt wasn’t up here) by reacting to even 10 seconds of nemesis Luna Roxx’s music and losing focus.

Just as the crowd wanted.

Just A Few Reasons UKW Friday Night Showdown Is So Good

Angles that matter. Angles of fun. Angles great wrestlers can craft.


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