Man City Vs Liverpool is our moment of the year from the Premier League
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Lace ‘Em Up’s Premier League End Of Season Awards

Hello everyone and welcome to the first-ever Lace Em Up, Premier League end of season awards. With such awards as Young Player of the year, the Worst signing of the season, and more let’s hand out some awards.

Signing Of The Season: Luis Diaz

This award will award the player who has made the biggest difference since joining their team, in a respective window. Nominations include Conor Gallagher, Luis Diaz, and Bruno Guimares, who have all contributed to their team’s success.

The winner of the signing of the season award is, Luis Diaz for Liverpool, he has completely transformed Liverpool contributing 4 goals and 3 assists while helping the team in other ways too.


Best Team Of The Year: Manchester City & Liverpool

It’s hard to give a Team of the Year, as two teams have been head and shoulders above the rest. Manchester City and Liverpool have as they have been for the last four years challenging each other for the title. So I have decided to make this a shared award both teams have arguments as to why they should win this award. I feel like both teams should win this award so congratulations to both Manchester City and Liverpool and long may this dominance last.

Young Player of The Year: Phil Foden

So, young player of the year is another award that has a long list of possible winners, you have Conor Gallagher for Crystal Palace, Phil Foden for Man City, And Bukayo Saka for Arsenal amongst Others.

But for us, there could only be one winner and that is Phil Foden for Manchester City, a young man who has grown into himself becoming one of the most valuable players in Europe. His performances have won Man City another league title and with Haaland coming next year the sky is the limit for this Man.

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Worst Team Of The Year: Norwich

So the obvious choice here is Norwich but, Man United could also fall into the bracket with the horrific season they are having. But I feel like when you finish bottom of the league, You can be the only choice for this award so the unfortunate winner of the worst team of the year award is Norwich. Maybe something pundits would’ve expected with Norwich’s history but this season has been horrible and no matter what manager they chose no one could save them.

Worst Signing of The Season: Jack Grealish

This is the award no one wants and there could only be one player, Jack Grealish who since moving to Man City has been very very disappointing. He only contributes as many goals as Liverpool Defender Joel Matip, and barely contributes anything to most games he’s involved in. Maybe with a full season under his belt, he will find his place but for a debut season at one of the world’s biggest clubs, it has been disappointing.

Premier League Worst Signing Award

Premier League Moment Of The Year: Man City vs Liverpool

In our opinion there could only be one moment of the year, the match between Man City vs Liverpool, that iconic draw, that Salah goal. This is an iconic title race that if Liverpool can get the job done on Tuesday will go down to the final day. Both teams were on top of their game and the two games we got to watch between them were great.

Lace ‘Em Up’s Premier League Player of The Year

There are a lot of players who could win this prestigious award including Mo Salah for Liverpool, Kevin De Bruyne for Man City, and more. So who is our winner?

It is Mo Salah for Liverpool, the man who has been a phenom for the team this year, contributing 22 goals and 13 assists in what has been a stellar year. Liverpool fans will be hoping the contract situation is wrapped up sooner than later because Mo Salah is an integral part of the current Liverpool team.

Lace 'Em Up's Premier League Player of The Year: Mo Salah

Congratulations to all our winners. Lace ‘Em Up’s Premier League Player of the Year: Mo Salah, our Young Player of the Year: Phil Foden, our Signing of the Season: Luis Diaz, and even our Worst Signing of the Season: Jack Grealish. It’s still an award. We will see you this time next year when we can look at how this season compares to our awards next year.

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