Clotheslined are Championship Material

Clotheslined also known as Get Clotheslined are Championship Material as their hashtag states, with their appeal being seen on Cultaholic. Being worn by Jack The Jobber, Xenia, Heidi Katrina, and Jennifer Louise to name but a few, you know this company is doing great things and making a name for themselves, not just domestically but also internationally.

Clotheslined can be summed up by two words – Championship Material.

Since 2018, our ultimate goal has been to provide those with a passion for wrestling with fashion that does no less than please the eye. Taking influences from the world of British streetwear and the art of professional wrestling, our approach is a little less outgoing than what the usual grappling fan is used to.

The concept of our subtle yet stylish streetwear was dreamt up in late 2017, with the first designs dropping in June 2018 to a warm and welcome reception from wrestling fans. Since then Clotheslined has produced many unique pieces that are bold yet understated. The most prolific of these is the PURO design, proudly sported by many across the globe.

Every one of our products is crafted using 100% organic cotton. They’re printed digitally using low-waste printing tech in factories that are sustainably powered with solar and wind energy. Our brand is not only committed to saving your wardrobe, but saving the planet as well.

Whether it’s at home or front-row at your local indy show, comfy joggers or your best fit, Clotheslined’s main event merchandise will keep you looking your best with the greatest of ease. We love to see those who represent our brand too, you can connect with us on Instagram and Twitter @getclotheslined.


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Why Do You Like Clotheslined?

I like Clotheslined because it is a British-based company that takes sustainability seriously. I am always looking for quality apparel that is eco-friendly and sustainable while also incorporating cool designs and lots of different options when it comes to size and style. Their packaging is made from brown paper and features a really cool doodle style design, so it can be reused or recycled. I personally had my daughter color it in and part of the packaging is now in a frame hanging over my desk.

And yes I have purchased from the company, their PURO PRIDE t-shirt is one of my favorites. I purchased it last year during Pride month, I am actually looking into getting a few hoodies at some point, and I am so glad I did. The martial is soft and there is lots of room, which is something I appreciate as a bigger girl. The quality is some of the best I have encountered when it comes to wrestling-themed merch and its design incorporated my love for Japanese wrestling and my queer identity.

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