UKW Showdown Shenanigans!

One For The Persian Empire To Forget

UKW Heavyweight and Persian Heavyweight champion Mustafa Khan was smiling at first. He made a match, a Last Man Standing match no less, at Rebound on Saturday. Agreed by JPR, there with his airhorn. The JPR match for tonight was agreed to as well – he’d be facing Joe ‘FlipFlop’ Sedgwick.

That JPR air horn...
JPR With Air Horn Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

And then Mustafa Khan opened it up. He was sure of himself, you see…


Before a fall…

And out came…

Jonathan Sedgwick v Mustafa Khan

The last thing the leader of the Persian Empire wanted. He attacked Sedgwick before bell and then called for it – it rung. After a hige biel and an arrogance so big he felt he could take a break to rip up fan signs, Khan was put in a Figure 4, Khan almost screamed.

And suddenly, JPR, who had come down to ringside and then been forgotten about by me, let off in Khan’s face – with the air horn, silly! And the shock led to a Sedgwick roll up for the pin.

Oh. It wasn’t for the UKW Heavyweight belt of course, even though Sedgwick put the Heavyweight strap on JPR’s shoulder after, but Mustafa Khan was outsmarted here and shout about cheating though he may, it was another loss.

Joe Sedgwick v JPR

Joey FlipFlop – as some would say, not me of course, they’re sliders, sliders I tell ya! Surely though Joe would steady the PE ship?

For a while it seemed like it, as he worked on JPR’s leg – great selling from the man here – slammed him and slapped on Figure 4, naughty son, using his dad’s move – you’re grounded, young man!

Joe uses his dad's move
Joe Sedgwick And The Figure 4 Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

But then, as if on cue, Joe’s Persian Empire pals got on the apron after a JPR clothesline and when Joe crashed into Leonie Rose, he walked straight into a phenomenal high RedRum DDT for the pin.

The Figure 4 hurts...
JPR In Pain Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube


Come on then Johan Hunt and Big Duncan, it’s all on you. And this promised to be rather fine, as they faced The Society for the No1 UKW tag team contenders.

It was.

Who can chill at a Hunt Tilt A Whirl DDT, Wolf19 and launch off Duncan’s back for a Neckbreaker? Or Duncan punching DeCaro as he came to the ropes, the big man hit a slap which probably resounded from Barnsley to Birmingham.

The Society, DeCaro and Cain, got in on the act too, DeCaro hitting Hunt with a shoulder block which made him fly and then giving him a lovely cutter off the top, almost matched by a Cain spiffy Spinebuster.

Big Duncan Does His Work
Big Duncan Stands Over Robert DeCaro Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

The end? So simple. Henri Winter and JPR arrived on the UKW walkway. Big Duncan immediately went to see them.

And that ending was excellent too. Hunt was put into a Sleeper, Duncan noticed and ran to help his partner. Too late.


At least Hunt, or ‘stupid wolfboy’ as the UKW fan chant would have it, now has the Round The Clock title. Consolation prize…

There Were Some Other Great Matches Too

Firstly, the more together UKW tag team of Jayrow Lewis and Cerebral Ste, the Playtime Mafia facing the Frankenteam of Jacob Reid and Sebastian Mercer.

Well, that thrown together team showed themselves rather well, from a Mercer Basement Lariat to a fully extended Reid Suplex, they looked good, Reid even participated in some great chain wrestling with Ste.

A lovely Lewis move
Lewis Takes Flight Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

But Lewis showed his quality too with a Roll Through Cutter, Swinging Neckbreaker and immediate DDT.

And the Frankenteam won. After a low blow and Reid’s Airraid Crash maybe, but no one expected that.

Match Of The Night

That would involve Young Horus. As he said on my podcast recently, this isn’t about the UKW wins and losses…

ssshhh…that would 0-23…0-24?..

it was about the journey. And that is going splendidly.

Young Horus v Mo Menttum

Just have a look at this;

A Horus High Knee, tough Chop and Bulldog, a Mo Standing Twisting Moonsault and Split Legged version, Horus Shining Wizard, Mo Widow’s Peak.

All that was done at a fantastic pace and they only really paused when tussling in the top turnbuckle, with Horus eventually hitting a Code Red – stunning.

But Mo won with a Go To Sleep – rather a shame as the action was so good.

Mo is on his second match with UKW. He is fabulous. Horus is on a losing streak. He is almost phenomenal.

What a match...
Young Horus And Mo Menttum Show Respect Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

Fans Love UKW. So Do I

And why not? It has great wrestling, excellent characters, wonderful warmth and angles you could hang your hat on.

Long may UKW delight…

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