CCW Becomes Dearly Beloved

CCW, we are gathered here today to splice these two in holy headlock. Suplexing no others for as long as they both shall sell.

Yes, CCW Alive has something different, odd and lovely as its first offering this week. They usually delight and this week is no different.

‘The Bus’ Big English (and the large gent is from my country) has been told by Coastal Championship Wrestling that he can marry his fiancĂ© Lina if he wins his next match. I wonder how that conversation went;

‘I want my shot.’

‘At the Heavyweight title?’

‘No, a lifetime of love.’

‘A ball and chain match, eh?’


Seems a bit odd, but also exactly right. And so lovely…

Ooooooooh yeaaaah!…

Macho and Elizabeth did it, so why not? It will be so sweet; who could object to that?

Lew Spectre.

Unfashionably bedraggled Lew didn’t like the idea. Maybe he doesn’t like cake. Or confetti. Or creating harmony. That last one is my guess.

So to go with the stipulation, he brought not 1, not 2, but 3 people for The Bus to beat. That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

You know when someone wants something so much, there is not doubt they’ll go through fire, even watch a Tarkovsky movie, to get it?

Well, even though Reeves Portman is a big fella, he went over the top rope easily, The Cleaner (need those pesky blood stains out if your singlet? Call the Cleaner) is thrown in top of him which left Joe Garcia on his own with a big, angry gent. How will this end? Oh, come on; a few minutes later a Rev is in the ring. Padre, take it away!

They Are So Happy Credit; CCW

Love Is All Around

And as they were getting wed by CCW’s ordained minister Rockin’ Randy Rhodes, CCW fans kept a respectful silence, breaking into delighted whoops when they are pronounced. And although Lina looks lovely and is so sweet, it’s Big Man Bus who is so lovely – he clearly adores Lina and is absolutely delighted to be hitched to her. As the CCW Website tell us;

‘The Bus Big English earned the right to marry his fiance in a CCW ring in Port St. Lucie.’


Now The Hurting Starts

Not the marriage, silly, a wrestling match. CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King, we like her. And she’s facing rather a muscly Ashley D’Amboise.

It’s another marvellous match. King has such long levers that kicks and forearms seem to have a bit of extra sauce on them. So did that Brainbuster and the punches on the outside.

D’Amboise had to get close to make an impression and she did just that with a DDT counter, lovely spinning Neckbreaker off the ropes and Spear for a long 2 count. She also countered that King finisher by throwing her leg round her opponent’s head and smacking it into the mat.

And something else, D’Amboise just kept kicking out! But made a mistake when going for a spinning kick and couldn’t get up from the King finishing Pump Handle Tilt A Whirl Slam she calls the Excalibuster.

The Excalibuster Credit; CCW

Not Just Great Wrestling

CCW gave us something else this week. Heart. And love. A wedding in front of the CCW faithful. A sharing of a wrestler’s life with the people who support him, come to see him, shout for him.

And ‘The Bus’ Big English? He didn’t feel the need to hide his emotions from those fans either; no stoicism, he trusted them because he knew them.

This is a real connection to the heart. Shouldn’t wrestling promotions be fostering that in their fans? How many of them can produce this feeling?

You still have 3 fingers on one hand to use….

CCW can. And thank goodness for them.

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