Memphis Wrestling: Mommmbs Prooober

We are back with another fantastic episode of Championship Wrestling From Memphis or as we lovingly call it here at Lace ‘Em Up, Memphis Wrestling. So join us again as we enjoy everything this wonderful promotion has to offer. [All images Credit; Five Star Fan Cam @fredstyle 88]

Or Mads Krügger

I find it hard to understand the man, speaking through his mask mouth hole (I hope I never have to write that again), but he works well in the squared circle and he’s a big bloke for Memphis Wrestling.

So is K Toomer. The main event was as meaty as a butcher’s shop window.

And my word, they came to work;
Toomer hit his Inzegueri, that lovely Spinning Kick, but Krügger remained on his feet even when put over the top rope. He then had the presence of mind to drive his fist into Toomer’s face as he came through the ropes.

And then they exchanged suplexes. Yes, they really did. Toomer tried a Spinebuster, Krügger hit 2 Chokeslams, Toomer kicked out.

And after a Spear, got the big man up for a Big Bang. He did get him almost all the way up. It was impressive. And it deserved the pin.

What a main event.

A Second Memphis Wrestling Hit?

DNA is another big dude. And he has his opponent to destroy on a piece of paper – this week, Adam Priest, debuting in Memphis Wrestling so I’m not sure why he needed to go after him. Maybe he snubbed him in the locker room or something…

Anyway, DNA didn’t have it anywhere his way, Priest hit an STF and Slingshot Cross Body.

But DNA’s success came from a marvelous Float Over DDT.

And then Brandon Espinosa revealed himself as the puppet master. He handed DNA a paper. It had a victim on it…Memphis Wrestling.

Erm…you do know you’re in Memphis Wrestling as well, gents? Who’s going to attack who first?

Never mind, this is going to be good…


At last! Briar Skimahorn has been kidnapped by the Posse.  That was 2 weeks ago though and the Skims have finally got it together; hashtag freebriar!

And when the Posse told Mikey and Brad they could have a match for Briar or for the belts, Brad seemed to think about it…

But they will have a battle for Briar.  If the Skims win Briar is back. If the Posse prevails, he joins the Posse. That’s a good impetus for the match – Briar on a pole match, anyone?

Austin wants revenge.

Austin Lane Gets A New Friend

The Best Of The Best from Naptime to Teatime got his own back on Matt Whatshisname – he has a surname, damn it!

Austin helped Trace Hunt, a real American on the 4th of July, facing Norman Meklakov. Of course Norman got his own way early on, waving his flag, hit a nasty-looking Axe Kick and then did the oft-seen wrestling trope of chair rebounds from the top rope into face – excellently done.

And after Austin had stopped Matt…is it Wilkinson?..messing about on the apron and Trace had got the massive Meklakov up for a Death Valley Driver, a rather less impressive Diving Headbutt ended it.

Except it didn’t. Don’t do it, Austin! You’ll be suspended! The Piledriver is outlawed in Memphis Wrestling!

He did it. The Pulling Piledriver to Matt what something he’d wanted for a long time – Dustin Starr commented that he bet Austin enjoyed it. He may have done it until he realized what he’d done. That happened remarkably quickly.

The Hollywood Clique Grows

And who is the new member? Oh no, memberS. A Memphis Wrestling tag team. A team Memphis Wrestling has seen before. The Elements of Wrestling. Works so well with that Clique, arrogance, cash, and comeuppance coming.

This group is one to watch.

Memphis Wrestling Keeps Delivering

All this, as well as Dirty Diana Taylor getting involved in a rather good Cassandra Golden/Nyxx match, was all great to watch.

And some of those angles set up here will have tasty outcomes. Can’t wait.

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