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AAW Pro Wrestling Presents Independents Day Predictions

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We are six, count them, SIX, as of this writing that is, short days from AAW Independants, AAW’s July show, which you can get on Fite TV as always.  I’m extra excited because this show is my official one-year anniversary of coming to AAW. I had tickets to this very show under a different name in 2020, but yeah.

So 2021 came around, and it was called United We Stand, so I bought a ticket on a whim, got the day off work, and went. What a hell of a show it was, and I’ve been in love with AAW ever since. As always, we have an absolute stacked card, including a hell of a Women’s #1 contender title match.

Women’s #1 Contenders Match | Billie Starkz Vs Lady Frost Vs Sierra Vs Vert Vixen

Women's #1 Contenders Match for the AAW Women's Championship | Billie Starkz Vs Lady Frost Vs Sierra Vs Vert Vixen

Let’s get right into that match because there are some big surprises in it.  The match will feature the return of two of AAW’s women’s divisions, Vert Vixen, and the icy Real Lady Frost.  Sierra will be in it, looking to get her first title reign, and featuring the big debut of Bill-I-Am, Billie Starks, which was HUGE news when it was posted.  

I’m not familiar with Billie Starkz or Vert Vixen, so I checked out some of their matches and stats.  Vert Vixen last had a match against Sierra at AAW back in March at Epic, where she lost to Sierra, so she’s definitely looking for some redemption for her loss.  Vert is pretty tough and quick on her feet, and going toe to toe with Sierra is no easy feat, so she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in this match.  While I don’t predict her to win, I think she will give all these women a run for their money.

Billie Starkz is making her debut, and while “Space Jesus” is the youngest of the group, and the least experienced, she’s a hell of a wrestler.  She reminds me of Saraya (FKA Paige) whose family is all in wrestling in one form or another. 

The Big Starkz Brand will be on full display on July 15th.  Billie is great at getting out of moves.  I’ve seen her get out of some holds with crazy moves, ranging from DDTs to wheelbarrow DDTs, Bill-I-Am is undoubtedly one of the hardest workers in the independent circuit today.  I could, and probably will do a full write-up just on her eventually.  While I don’t predict her winning, much like Vert Vixen, will be one to watch out for.  Just check out her match against Matt Demorest.  Granted she lost, but she put on a hell of a display.  

Sierra. Anyone familiar with AAW will know Wisconsin native Sierra. She is the current WPW and DPW Champion, having previously held championships in a wide array of different promotions, Sierra is highly decorated.  In fact, she just won the OVW Women’s Championship as well. She currently is the five-time BCCW Women’s Champion, and my pick to win this four-woman matchup. 

Sierra is a hell of a fighter, and very experienced with the AAW roster.  But this match has her at a bit of a disadvantage because while she’s regular, the rest of the fighters are either returning or new.  But it doesn’t matter, I’m picking Sierra to win this and go on to win the AAW Women’s Title from Christi.

Lady Frost is not new to wrestling by any means, with a history in IMPACT wrestling, the wife of Real Savage Gentlemen is also experienced in tag team wrestling with him as Pretty Propper.  Lady Frost is a hell of a fighter, with her ability to do basically any and everything from the top rope, to her technical ability on the mat, Lady Frost can also kick the living crap out of you. 

While she’s good, I don’t think she’ll overcome Sierra in this match.  Sierra knows this venue very well, and I think that’ll play big into this match because, in AAW, the action rarely stays in the ring, and that’s where Lady Frost excels.  I think once it goes outside the ring, Sierra will have the advantage to pick up the W.

AAW Tag Team Championship Match | Ace Perry & Hammerstone Vs ACH & JAH-C

AAW Pro Wrestling sees Ace Perry & Hammerstone Vs ACH & JAH-C

AAW Tag Team has been red hot this year, and Ace Perry and Alex Hammerstone have been the face of the tag division.  But now ACH and ‘Front Man’ JAH-C have made their way to the top.  But the “Ace” so to speak is not the man named Ace, but the muscle, Hammerstone.  Don’t get me wrong, Ace Perry can hold himself in a fight, though he’s usually cheating to win, however, with Hammerstone in his corner, he’s become unstoppable. 

They’re a relatively new team by tag team standards, but they have great chemistry.  Ace Perry’s high flying moves combined with Hammerstone’s smash-mouth beat the hell out of you until you can’t move anymore style make a great combination.  But don’t count ACH and JAH-C out here.  These two have flown up the tag team ranks to earn this shot, and they could be the ones to dethrone Hammerace, but I doubt it.  Look for the champions to retain thanks to Hammerstone, an absolute God of War in the ring.

AAW Women’s Championship | Christi Jaynes Vs Heather Reckless


Christi Jaynes has had a hold on the women’s title since teaming up with her partner, the big man himself, Ren Jones. With his help, she’s held off against the likes of Skye Blue, who she won the belt from. Well, she cheated to win thanks to Ren. Ren has been much like the Hammerstone to Ace Perry, the Genius to Mr. Perfect, the Bobby Heenan to anyone he managed. Ren Jones needs to be neutralized and taken out of the game. If Heather can do this, she can win the belt from Christi, easily. 

Heather has proven herself in the ring time and time again, she even basically won the tag belts with Russ Jones, if not for that snake Chuck Chunky.  Oh sorry, Chuck Snake.  No, wait, Chuck Cheater.  No no sorry, Chuck Smooth I think his name is.  Thanks to that snake she lost the tag belts with Russ, but she has more than proven how good she is in the ring. 

The winner will face the winner of the Four-way match for the belt, so they best be ready.  If Ren Jones isn’t out there, Heather has this in the bag.  Christi is weak on her own and has always relied on her partners to win.  But if Ren Jones is out there?  Then Christi wins without a doubt sadly.

Manders Vs Fred Yehi To Face Mat Fitchett For The AAW Championship


Now, the wildcard.  Thanks to AAW for clarifying this.  The very same night, now we do not know the match order yet, so this might be the opener, this might be near the main event.  But either way, the winner will go on to face Mat Flichett, our AAW champion, the VERY.  SAME.  NIGHT.  For the title. 

How much more awesome can this get?  It’s AAW.  You know they’ll find a way to make it even better.  But, I’m predicting that this will be the opening fight, Yehi/Manders, then the main event will be the winner vs Mat. 

Manders will break you.  Check out this video of him putting Silas Young from the top of the cage through two tables at the last event I was at.  You can find my new TikTok account specifically for wrestling.

However.  Do not count out Fred Yehi.  Fred went toe to toe with Josh Alexander for 60 minutes bell to bell.  Fred Yehi was AAW Champion not too long ago, and he wants the belt back as bad as Mr-Pectacular wants HIS OVW National Championship back. 

Fred Yehi is a brawler, but he can also be a hell of a mat technician.  He can put you in holds, and those holds have holds, and just when you think he’s done it all, his holds hold has a hold.  Think you’re done there?  He’ll start punching the hell out of you while in a figure cross triangle chokes four…type…I don’t know where I was going with that.  The point is, Yehi isn’t someone to count out.  Yehi will hurt you. 

Manders is going to win this.  Sorry, Yehi, you’re a hell of a fighter, but I gotta go with Manders.

AAW Championship Match | Mat Fitchett Vs Manders or Fred Yehi


So going by my predictions, Manders will go on that night to face Mat in yet ANOTHER fight.  Or Yehi.  But I think Manders.  Mat is the AAW champion for a reason.  He’s a hell of a fighter, and he’s going to give Manders (or Yehi) a run for their money.  But both men have proven they can take one hell of a beating and get back up.  I’m going to say Manders will go on to beat Mat for the title, and it’s going to be another 5-star match.  Hell, every AAW fight is a 5-star match.  I’ll give this one 6.

As always when more matches are announced, I’ll be updating this article until a few hours before the show. Make sure to stop by the venue, 115 Bourbon Street, for some amazing food too!  I highly recommend the Jumbalaya.

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