WWE NXT 2.0: A Strong Week For The Developmental Brand

It was an amazing episode of NXT 2.0, with a 20-woman battle royal, JD McDonagh vs Cameron Grimes in a match with big world title implications. There was also a host of other matches that could decide the future of NXT 2.0.

So how good was it? Let’s review the latest episode of NXT 2.0.

Cameron Grimes Vs JD McDonagh

A good opening match. JD McDonagh is the new kid on the block while Cameron Grimes can’t be far away from a call up to the main roster. JD McDonagh brought his innovative offense which matched perfectly with Grimes’s never say die attitude, Joe Gacy appeared and we cut to a break. McDonagh targeted the left knee which allowed him to get the win after Grimes’s leg got stuck in between the ropes and McDonagh hits his finisher for the three count.

Cora Jade Explains Her Actions From Last Week

Cora Jade explains why she stabbed her best friend and tag team partner Roxanne Perez in the back. Saying she has been the face of the NXT women’s division mentioning Wargames and posters she’s featured on. She says that Roxanne doesn’t care about their friendship and that she is a selfish bitch. Cora Jade admits that she attacked Roxanne in the parking lot last week and that Roxanne ruined her odds of winning the NXT Women’s Championship from Mandy Rose last week. She dumps her NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship in the bin.

Cora Jade attacked Roxanne Perez on last week's NXT 2.0
Credit; WWE

Kemp vs Strong, An NXT UK Championship Bout, and The DYDA

A very good technical match between two very good technicians, Roderick Strong is in control for most of the match, and Kemp got a wee bit of his move set in. Tony D Angelo appears on the titantron, he and his family are beating up the members of Diamond Mine that aren’t in the match. Strong takes advantage and hits Kemp with a high knee for the 1,2,3. I’m still confused as to where this storyline is going but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Next, we got another match, this time with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen putting their NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the line against Pretty Deadly, consisting of Kit Wilson and Elton Prince. This is a pretty even match with Briggs and Jensen using their strength while Pretty Deadly uses typical heel tactics, cutting corners to gain momentum.

Briggs throws Kit out of the ring which leads him to crash into Fallon Henley which annoys Briggs and Jensen which is when we cut to break. Pretty Deadly takes full control and cut the ring off to their advantage to turn the match in their favor. After both teams try to distract each other with the titles Briggs and Jensen hit their tag finisher to retain the titles.

Now for a segment that we have been waiting for. So for weeks, we had wondered who Joe Gacy had hypnotised to be apart of his DYAD. It was finally revealed that Zack Gibson and James Drake are the new members of Gacy’s cult. They also have new names, what a surprise, Gibson is now Rip Fowler while Drake will now go as Jagger Reed. I don’t know how I feel about this but I’m sure we’ll see how it goes and hopefully it leads to something good for the former GYV.

WWE NXT 2.0 Dyad
Jagger Reed fka James Drake, Joe Gacy, and Rip Fowler fka Zack Gibson | Credit; NXT

Two Segments and A Debut

Bron Breaker comes down to the ring wanting JD McDonagh, calling out the Irish Ace. McDonagh finally appears on the screen talking about how he could break Breaker’s arm in many different ways. Bron replied saying JD could break his arm cause Bron will steal it back and beat him over the head with it.

AXIOM makes his NXT 2.0 debut against Dante Chen. Axiom uses his high flying style to take control of the match, it was a squash match with Chen getting little to no motion in at all in the match. Axiom’s finisher looks like a jumping kick to just under the chin which is a pretty cool never before seen finisher. A successful debut for NXT 2.0 new superstar Axiom.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams talk about their celebration last week and list off possible opponents for Carmelo’s North American Championship. Many names are bandied around including Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa, but everyone in the barber shop laughs off the challengers as they believe no one can beat Melo. Carmelo asks his barber to fix Trick’s hair as everyone shares a laugh and the segment ends.

Axiom WWE NXT 2

NXT 2.0 Main Event: 20 Woman Battle Royal

A pretty chaotic match as all battle royals are, everyone’s gunning for Cora Jade after her comments earlier on in the night. Jade gets out of the ring and runs to the back but is not eliminated, Alba Fyre and Lash Legend eliminate each other and fight outside the ring to continue their rivalry.

The final four were Lyons, Starkz, Tiffany, and James and we seem to believe Cora Jade cause she was never eliminated. Starkz eliminates Stratton but Jade comes from behind hoping to catch Starkz on a quick one but Starkz dodges.

Starkz wins and now has a date with the NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose down the line.

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