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CCW Sees Kilynn King Reign Supreme Yet Again

But First…

Ariel, WHY?……..pt2

You’ll remember that Ariel Levy turned on his South American Alliance brothers Vinicious and Bill Alfonso shortly after they lost their CCW tag team belts in a surprising turn to only-just-formed Elevated Status.

It was a heinous act, but one which had been simmering. The SAA was a CCW success though, holding onto the belts through difficult times. This was just a bump in the road, wasn’t it?

Fonzie hoped so. He did the brotherhood, family pitch, even telling Ariel of Vinicious’ 7-day concussion and heartfelt wish for his partner to be told he was forgiven. But Levy only looked emotional when the crowd began chanting ‘a**hole’.

I didn’t like the way this was going…

Hang on, there was hugging. Ah, that’s better, Ariel has even said ‘I’m sorry’; you see, one without the other isn’t any good

oh, he’s DDT’d him….

Nasty DDT too. And that’s not all, Levy compounded the action by lying close to Fonzie’s head and talking on the mic quite sweetly to him.  He was stopped fairly quickly by security staff, but it was a bit odd.

In a very good way.

As the CCW website said;

‘The dastardly change in attitude for Ariel Levy continued this week on CCW Alive.’

and then some. His words? ‘Stupid giant. Stupid old man. You’re nothing!’ Ariel is moving on. Watch out, Cha Cha Charlie…

Ariel...why? CCW
Credit; CCW

The King Coronation Continues in CCW

CCW keep showing their women’s champion. Why?

Whoever she faces, there’s excellence in that ring. She has defended the belt she won from Marina Tucker a few months ago regularly, fast opponents, tough opponents, opponents in a cage. She has lost blood for her belt, but she has always come through and impressed whilst she was doing it. Was this any different?

Need you ask?

La Brava did her bit too, but KiLynn didn’t give her much chance with a fancy roll-up attempt early on.

She then followed it up with a nasty-looking T-Bone Suplex and Baseball Slide.

La Brava Mixes It Up With The Champ
Credit; CCW

That was all stopped by a forehead into the ring post. King seemed to be knocked a bit silly, so was ready for a 2 count from an Inzegueri and one of those great looking modified Stump Puller – you know the one, pulling on the arms whilst standing on the hair, looks good, feels terrible.

Drrrrrring! The Chop Shop is open…

Proprietor: K. King.

Those chops were so meaty, followed by a short Clothesline, back elbows in the corner, and a Springboard Suplex.

Think that’s it? A La Brava Twist Of Fate says not. But a King Fallaway Slam says maybe.

A La Brava very nice sweet High Cross Body off the top opens the conversation again. But there’s an issue.

That La Brava High Cross Body
Credit; CCW

La Brava distracted herself when things were going well. She went for the belt – ref Amy Veronica reminded her strongly that this was not a no-DQ match. La B decided to go for a chair whilst the ref was putting the belt away.

That won’t be enough time! Ah, the ref took the chair away. But La Brava wasn’t finished, The Sixth Sense remonstrated with the official, and then turned around, straight into a brutal-looking Roundhouse Kick, the Excalibuster, and a pin.

The Excallibuster
Credit; CCW

That Match Flew Like La Brava Off The Top Rope

Yep, that worked extremely well. 2 great combatants. With great moves. And a great understanding of wrestling psychology.

That’s rare. To succeed every week, to present angles that work every week, to be so sure of your in-ring product that you need less than half an hour to make your mark. With CCW it comes as standard.

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