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Ariel Levy : CCW’s Classic Heel

Ariel Levy? Isn’t He Part Of A Much-Loved CCW Tag Team?

He was. That was the South American Alliance, tag team champs for many a long month, turning back a tide of trouble in the ring and loved by the CCW faithful. Levy the high flyer, Vinicious the power.

And then they lost. As all tag teams must. Last month it was. To Elevated Status, E.R.A and Jonny Nova, who were a recent tag team – this was unexpected.

CCW Top Heel Ariel Levy
Credit; Rasslin

As was the aftermath. OK, it was a misunderstanding between the team and their manager Bill Alfonso – yes, that wrestling scion, from ECW to CCW (although he’s done a lot more than that), but did Ariel have to bounce a chair off his bonce and hit his partner so hard it made an impact in the steel?

Yes. If…

Levy Wants To Be A Heavyweight Champ

And that’s what he’s aiming for. Current champ? Cha Cha Charlie, the dancing heat magnet. But he doesn’t seem to be entirely untoppleable – is that a word? You know, impossible to beat. He sometimes seems unfocused in the belt, more keen on rhythm than wrestling.

Cha Cha goes into the deep water though, note his amazing ambulance match against Anthony Catena recently.

CCW Heavyweight champ Cha Cha Charlie
Credit; Pro Wrestling Wiki Fandom

So an opponent needs to have an intensity.

Levy Was Made To Do This

Ariel is an actor too, so he understands the correct way to cause a fracas. This week, he jawed at Fonzie, who was on commentary, the work from the manager just great too – so well done, so crushed, that a woman behind him in the crowd put her arm around him protectively.

No heel does it alone.

But Levy seems to have found some more energy now he’s arrived on the Dark Side Of Heeldom. His in-ring work has more pep. His energy seems sharp. There’s an impetus about him.

And on this episode of CCW Alive?

Ariel Levy & Alan Martinez v Cha Cha Charlie & Jackel Stevens

Levy and Martinez are a fabulous tag team, if Levy wasn’t focused on the Heavyweight title they should continue getting together regularly. They complement each other in the sleekness, snugness and sharpness of their work.

Cha Cha Charlie and Jackal Stevens is a tasty twosome as well. Of course, Cha Cha wasn’t due to be with Stevens, Jackal arrived to help him out. Levy; incandescent.

But Levy has that aforementioned pep in his work now. You can see that in his pretty brutal Suplex throws, but Ariel and Alan work so well together, quick ins and outs, that Jackal Stevens can’t get any purchase.

He took a lot of pain, Cha Cha was having a light night; Levy hit a neat Neckbreaker, Martinez synched in an Ankle Lock.

And when Stevens almost made the hoy tag, there was Levy to pull Cha Cha off the apron.

But Stevens didn’t just lie there and take it; he took on a sort of Inverted Cloverleaf, holding it high, grapevine furiously. It looked fabulous.

As did Levy’s Neckbreaker in the ropes – those steel strands hurt, you know.

Ariel Levy's CCW Neckbreaker
Credit; CCW

You Know Cha Cha Will Be A House Afire, Don’t You?

He is, hot tag, Armwringer on Levy, dancing before a lovely Lariat.

And Cha Cha with Stevens came out on top after an agreeable mess of heated wrestling, a Stevens Blockbuster and the Charlie Frog Splash – the one with the pin.

Jackal Stevens CCW Blockbuster
Credit; CCW

CCW Does It Again

One match. Beautifully done. Heat, reason, great grappling. And a heel who needs watching, in fact demands it.

CCW demands your time too…

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