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A Great Monday Gym Session, Broken Down

What Is In The Gym Session?

So what is usually in my Monday gym session?

Well let’s break it down, I will most likely start with bench press then go into a superset of bicep curls and lateral raises then slide into a superset of dumbbell shoulder press and pull-downs. The finisher is 10 calories on the assault bike, with push-ups till failure and max pull-ups. All exercises except for bench press are done over four rounds.

The Bench Press Is A Great Chest Exercise

A Bench Press is a classic chest exercise, and also an essential one in my opinion in most upper body or chest sessions. I don’t warm up as a lot of people would advise you to do and to be honest it might be smarter if I did, it’s just something I’ve never caught up to do. I build to a one rep max on the bench for the press with the reps being 3, 2, 2, 1 getting slightly heavier with every rep. On a good day, I can push 85 for 1 but recently I have been pushing 70 for, both feel good and heavy tho.

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Gym Session, Via Google Images

Want A Perfect Combination? Try Bicep Curls & Lateral Raisers

I very nicely slide into a perfect superset of bicep curls and lateral raises, curls for the girls as they say one of my favorite exercises and it’s worked as I have seen my biceps getting bigger. We then give the triceps some love with some heavy but good form lateral raises, both of these exercises are done to failure which will feel like hell once you reach the fourth set.

Now For A Perfect Set Up For The Finisher

Just before we get into a killer finisher, we have an amazing superset of dumbell shoulder press and standing pull-downs. As you can probably guess the shoulder press works the shoulders but can also improve ur lower back and is an amazing exercise but one that is hard to perfect. Pull downs or standing pull-ups as the variation I do is an amazing exercise that works the many muscles in the side of the back and upper shoulders. We can now go into a lovely finisher to close out the session.

The Assault Bike, Push-Ups & Pull-Ups Are The Perfect Way To Close Out Your First Session Of The Week

We go into the finisher which is the pure intensity with a deadly trio of 10 calories on the assault bike, push-ups till failure, and max pull-ups. Assault Bike is absolute hell but a necessity for me in any gym session, push-ups are an amazing exercise that works the pectoral muscles and with proper form can also work the core, and pull-ups are a classic exercise that works your lats and biceps while also engaging your core. An amazing finisher that will have you sweating by the end of it.

My Favourite & Least Favorite Exercise To Do On A Monday

So what’s my favorite exercise to do on a Monday? I know bench press is the obvious choice but I love a good bicep curl with a bar or a dumbell. Pushing your biceps to the limit and seeing those arm veins just hits differently. A close second would be bench press followed by dumbbell shoulder press but in my opinion, nothing touches a good classic bicep curl.

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Classic Bicep Curl, Via Google Images

I’ll give you 2 guesses on what this one is, yes it’s the assault bike. It’s absolute hell and especially when you’re finding it hard to catch your breath in the third or fourth sets. There’s nothing fun about assault bikes but it’s a necessary evil that we must deal with.

Feel The Burn On A Monday

This gym session is an absolute killer but to be honest it is probably my favorite gym session of the whole week, as it includes a good combination of some of my favorite exercises in very good supersets. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good bench press? A perfect session that I would definitely recommend for you to try out no matter if you are a starter or a well-versed veteran in the world of weightlifting.

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