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A Perfect Lower Body Tuesday Workout

So you’ve obliterated your upper body on a Monday what do you do on a Tuesday? You obliterate your lower body of course. With a good mix of exercises working every area of your lower body, this workout will leave you lying down in the gym sweating your face off. What’s in my lower body workout? Let’s break it down. You will notice I don’t use as many supersets in this workout as the upper body workout but trust me this workout is still absolutely killer and one I would definitely recommend.

The Perfect Exercise To Star Your Workout

The back-squat is an amazing exercise to start your lower body workout as it helps you focus on form while also pushing heavy weight if you feel like it, giving you that early confidence boost you need in my opinion on a lower body workout. An exercise that targets the glutes and all-around posterior chain it’s an amazing start to a workout.

A lovely follow-up to the back squat is the hip thrusters, a wonderful glute burner that also works your quads and hamstrings it’s a perfect exercise to follow up from back squats as this will warm up your hamstrings for what’s to come next while also continuing the glute burn you were feeling from the squats but giving your back the break it needs. I usually do two single exercises instead of supersets on lower body day cause I know I can give 100% to the rest of the workout if I’m still somewhere at 80%.

Hamstring Curls and Calve Raises Are The Perfect Set Up For The Finisher

This amazing superset will leave your legs in bits, but in a good way. Hamstring Curls work your hamstrings and every part of the hamstring you might not know of, perfectly matched up with a good old calve raise any variation will do but I usually go with the bar and put a 20kg plate either side so it’s 60kg altogether lift it off on just the right part of my back and start lifting those calves. A classic lower body day exercise with so much upside, a perfect setup for your finisher.

10 Calories On The Assault Bike, Box Jumps, And Leg Extensions Are The Perfect Finisher To Finish Ur Legs

Assault bike, box jumps, and leg-extensions are the perfect finisher for me to absolutely annihilate my lower body, as we already established in my last post about the gym. The assault bike is complete hell, while box jumps give you that intensity depending on the rep range you choose, targeting every part of your lower body. Leg extensions are a new exercise I’ve brought in but they are killer, targeting the quads these will help you get that big defined look on your legs everyone wants. A perfect trio of exercises for a perfect finisher.

The Exercise I Look Forward To The Most and Least

I love a good hip thrust, putting the heavy on the bar and just going for broke is one of the most amazing yet most intense feelings you will get in your gym life. My current PB or personal best for Hip Thrusts is 100kg for 10.

Ok so I could cop out here and say the assault bike again, but I’m gonna change it up and choose the hamstring curls. Again a necessary evil but that point where you know you’ve stretched just enough can leave your hamstrings in bits, but again on the flip side, I kinda like it.

In Conclusion

So In conclusion I start the first two days of the week very well, with an upper body and lower body session in consecutive days. This lower body workout is definitely one I would recommend for you to try as it is killer and will leave you sweating on the ground by the end of it. Back squats are 4 rounds of 4, hip thrusts are 4 rounds of 10, the superset of Calve Raises and Hamstring curls is 10×4 and 5 each side x4 respectively and finally, the finisher is 4 rounds of 10 calories on the assault bike, 4 box jumps and 10 calve raises. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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