CCW Ep 101 : Levy Gets His Shot

CCW Made It Simmer

That’s one of the the reasons this was so good, CCW kept it going for weeks. Ariel Levy broke with his South American Alliance tag team pal Vinicious and manager Bill Alfonso.

But he didn’t ask for a gentle tete a tete, laying out his reasons for leaving with tearstained cheeks and honest imprecations of sadness and anguish.

Nope, he introduced a steel chair to Big V’s cranium and roughed up Alfonso too. Levy had a plan, and it was a big one.

He wanted that big one. The CCW Heavyweight title, is currently around the waist of well-loved Cha Cha Charlie.

No Tweeners Here

And if the fans want to cheer a hero and boo a villain, Ariel Levy was going to let them.

For weeks he’s dogged Cha Cha’s steps, making it very clear he was the next in line. Hiding in plain sight and showing him just what he was in for.

And we hated him for it, particularly when he started bad-mouthing Alfonso before a recent match; this was no screaming jag, it was a well-modulated explanation of what he thought of the man – Alfonso sold it, confused and very hurt, it made for excellent wrestling entertainment.
This hasn’t been a feud. It’s been a declaration of intent and an uncomfortable understanding from the champ.

Really good.

And Now The Main Event

Ariel Levy, the wrestler/actor, has his chance.

And this week CCW only gave us one match. Why would you need another?

Cha Cha wanted to end it early, surely that’s what the immediate Suplexes were about. But Levy was ring smart, he hit a Backbreaker in the ropes then 3 types of knee – basement, to the face in the corner, modified Meteora.

CCW's Levy shows his knees
Credit; CCW

If you were a Levy fan (there must be some) this was going well, particularly when an Exploder Suplex and Tornado DDT landed.

Ah. Levy got too confident, got caught coming off the ropes, Cha Cha synched him up and hit a fantastic-looking running sit-out Powerbomb. Levy’s a big bloke. The move was superbly done. It was the match of the night.

The hot crowd were delighted with a Cha Cha Sharpshooter and Superplex. He even managed to match Levy on the outside, where Ariel often thrives, by turning a run into Spinebuster on the steps.

This was heady stuff.

And Cha Cha smelt a win. The way he usually wins? A Frog Splash off the top, but not a usual one. The power is in his sombrero which he dons before flying.

You think Levy hadn’t noticed? He hadn’t been preparing all that time for nothing. Of course, Cha Cha couldn’t find the hat.

And then a Levy Codebreaker only got a long 2. And then he got either:

1. Frustrated
2. Smart

He went to the buckle and took the pad off. He didn’t intend to use it, no, this was smart thinking. The ref went to put the pad back on, which allowed Levy to find a set of brass knucks and show the crowd with relish. Which gave Cha Cha a chance to roll him up.

Which the ref didn’t see as he was preoccupied with the turnbuckle pad. 1,2,3,4,5, the ref was finally down – kick out.

CCW champ Levy and that turnbuckle
Credit; CCW

Cha Cha must have thought he had the impetus. He lifted Levy as if to Atomic Drop him and Levy showed his ring smarts again.

He made sure his fist was behind Cha Cha’s arm and then smacked him with the knucks.

When Levy became CCW champ
Credit; CCW

And New…

The Ariel Levy period has arrived. What kind of champ will he be? Oh, a damned good one, if you like entertainment with thrills and spills in the ring, that’s for certain. This is what he said before the match;

‘You’re not suited to be the face of this new CCW. You say that you don’t need the World Heavyweight Championship, that I need it more than you. Well, then I’m going to make you a favor. I’m going to take it away from you, so you can go back where you belong. To the midcard, doing your stupid dancing gimmick and wearing your dumb-ass hat.’

CCW fans throw rubbish as Levy celebrates
Credit; CCW

CCW have picked a good one here. And absolutely different from Cha Cha. This is going to be dramatic.  Hold onto your (sombrero) hats…

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